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It's not personal, by Joaquín Luna

No es algo personal

The day dawned historic in Madrid. Tense good morning. When the car of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, stopped at the headquarters of the Supreme Court At nine-fifteen, through whose side entrance were accessing relatives and lawyers of the twelve defendants, a woman's voice welcomed him to Madrid.

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Torra heard the insult and turned around: we started badly.

We started badly, but we finished well at seven to seven because the liturgy of first day of the trial you procés it was yesterday polite, and if we were to follow the forms someone could have even shouted at the exit:

-We all want more and more, and much more!

The lawyers talked a lot, but the plenary session of the Supreme Court was the opposite of a television set.

It is a tragedy to have ended here and so, but, at least yesterday, the lawyers of each and every one of the accused were dispatched at ease, but according to the topic of an iron hand, silk gloves:

-It is not personal.

The sentence of the lawyer Ana Bernaola, who defends Josep Rull, was one of many dedicated to the tribunal, whose president, Manuel MarchenaHe presided discreetly, taking great care to spare time for interventions or cut some phrases of political bias. You would say he was very understanding. He, too, could have taken up the phrase of the lawyers:

- Between you and me there is nothing personal.

That is what the liturgy of the Law and the rites of the trial, this and all of them go for.

The liturgy of law

"It's not personal," said Rull's lawyer as Judge Marchena could have said.

The view, set for ten o'clock, began with a quarter of an hour late and a very Spanish protocol: final acceleration for access to the room despite the fact that the metal arch did not work and a lot of civil service friendliness.

The twelve defendants were already in the room when their relatives acceded and the president Torra accompanied and the consellers Ester Capella and Damià Calvet, in a front row bank. They made the atmosphere of a room theirs. The imprisoned had a good appearance, corded -all except Junqueras, Sánchez and Cuixart-, and their gestures towards relatives relaxed the seriousness of the big day. Historical and boring because it was the turn of defenses, which always ask for more than a child, remember that you neglect some great professor of the faculty and cite their readings, which are never novels but imperishable essays. And with what authority they take a glass of water to their mouths before they say goodbye!

I would say that Andreu Van den Eynde, the lawyer of Oriol Junqueras and Raúl Romeva, was the most "ideological" and substantial. They have treated their defendants worse than terrorists, Judge Llarena's instruction has been biased and irregular and they have been denied the presumption of innocence. In case there were doubts, "Mr. Junqueras was not even allowed to go to mass in prison."

-The self-determination is synonymous with peace and not war.

Even so, he slipped a wink to the presidency:

-We're not going to make a political defense.

This is how the 12 defendants sat

This is how the 12 defendants sat
(Emilio Naranjo / AFP)

Van den Eynde requested again that Carles Puigdemont give testimony, petition already rejected. One ignores whether it is to do a favor for Oriol Junqueras or to treat the former president. When the morning session ended, after two o'clock, the court made the hearing - the blind eye - and all the defendants could greet and briefly embrace the relatives and President Torra. You can not describe the greeting from Oriol Junqueras to Torra as "very effusive", unlike, for example, Jordi Sanchez's embrace of the president.

The lawyer Melero, defender of Meritxell Borràs, is one of those that one would sign to take the three points in the field of Eibar. Then, the turn of Jordi Pina, Jordi Sànchez's lawyer: he made several trips to the Spanish justice system with great respect for the forms. Clients pass, the Supreme remains. We already know: we are muleteers and on the way we will meet ...

The lunch break was welcomed with joy. The only one who seemed to have fun in the solemn plenary room was Jordi Cuixart, come and turn to smile at his people.

Jordi Cuixart turned repeatedly to dedicate smiles to his people

Jordi Cuixart turned repeatedly to dedicate smiles to his people
(J.j. Guillén / EFE)

The afternoon was anodyne and with some empty seats. I won by win over President Torra: I gave half a dozen naps and he a couple (in return, he made many comments to Damià Calvet and bit his nails). Cuixart kept turning from time to time, all smiles.

Lunch felt bad to Carles Mundó. He made a gesture to his lawyer, Josep Riba, and he asked permission from President Manuel Marchena, who, in turn, authorized the exit, flanked by a man with the air of a very troubled official who escorted Mundó to the bathroom. One, two, three times the scene was repeated. The husband of Carme Forcadell also requested the leave to leave the room after six, scheduled time for the end of the day. It reminded me of the lifelong Catalan, the Sazatornil of the national shotgun: he wanted to sell automatic door openers, and Mr. Forcadell looked like he was losing the train.


It can not be said that he gave a "very effusive" greeting to President Torra

The court now has a lot of short-term work to do: accept or reject all resources and requests for defenses. Manuel Marchena he let play and he made the deference with the word time of the defenses. He became the dentist: it's less than you think! They always say that and, sometimes, they are even right.

Defendants and their defenses are not maimed. They have high morale and they often used their secret weapon: Strasbourg, we will see each other in Strasbourg. You have lawsuits and you win, they say.

An implausible, atypical and strange trial has begun. What do so many Catalans do together in Madrid? Nobody said a word yesterday in Catalan. The State - Spanish, French or Russian - confirmed yesterday something that is better not to know: it seems invisible or asleep or even friendly, but it is a gear used to not being contradicted.

Nor did the two lawyers of Vox open their mouths, the private accusation. Neither the two state attorneys, who rejuvenated the stage of Spanish justice. Or the couple of national police, boy, girl, flanking the two doors by which, in a few months, the twelve defendants will leave with or without political future ahead.

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