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Not even the best scriptwriter of sainetes could have imagined the succession of grotesque and ridiculous events that have occurred at the frustrated start of the bullfighting season in Seville. One would have to be very twisted and ominous to predict that the situation could reach the extremes reached between stupor, surprise, confusion and helplessness of the fans.

There will be no April Fair in La Maestranza in Seville or bulls this Sunday, the scheduled date to open the doors of the square after a year of total closure.

The entire bullfighting world had its eyes on the Guadalquivir, convinced that the walk on the yellow albero was the unequivocal sign that bullfighting was alive despite all the very serious ailments suffered as a result of the pandemic.

But it could not be; once again, disappointment makes an appearance and the bullfighting festival receives a severe blow in its already battered and still sickly current situation.

What happened? Who or who are responsible for the fans not seeing each other on Sunday in the Sevillian stretches? Here are the protagonists: a wayward businessman who has presented an amazing challenge to an anti-bullfighting Junta de Andalucía gripped by fear and cowardice.

The audacity of the businessman has ended in a resounding failure

On March 14, in this same blog an effusive congratulation was sent to the Sevillian businessman Ramón Valencia for having had the courage to bring the bulls out of their coma and present them in society.

But also then he asked himself two questions whose answers still remain unanswered: "What will have happened so that the Pagés company has had the value of to challenge to the virus and to the Junta de Andalucía itself by presenting some posters without the absolute assurance that they can be celebrated? Could it be, perhaps, that the autonomous government has offered him well-founded hopes that it will allow him to sell 50% of the capacity, which the manager considers an inexcusable condition? ".

Once again, as is usual in this cryptic world of bullfighting, the actors will take the truth of what happened to the grave, and it will be the party, as always, that suffers the consequences of the actions of others.

When the businessman presents a height fair on March 12, it is logical to think that he has an ace up his sleeve that guarantees that the festivities are going to be celebrated. That morning, there was a detail that did not go unnoticed by anyone: the delegate of the Government of the Junta, and the head of bullfighting in Seville, Ricardo Sánchez, a lover of photographic notoriety, was present and helped the businessman discover the poster of the fertilizer.

Thus, with the supposed approval of the authority, Valencia launches a colorful advertising campaign ("It's bullfighting time! See you in Seville"), sells tickets and transfers to society the confidence that it has the permission of the Junta de Andalucía to carry out its laudable purpose.

Show starring Dani Rovira at the Soho theater in Malaga, on November 14.
Show starring Dani Rovira at the Soho theater in Malaga, on November 14.

But, under the circumstances, it seems that this was not the case. It seems that the performance of Ramón Valencia was nothing more than a toast to the sun and, if necessary, a pulse to the Andalusian Government with which he tried to wash his image of a timid businessman before the fan and the Real Maestranza itself, annoyed by his manifest passivity during 2020.

His audacity has ended in a resounding failure and leaves in question what he intended to clean. By the way, Ramón Valencia had not reached an agreement with Movistar TV to broadcast the celebrations, and the cause seems to lie in the businessman's high economic pretensions, and the government delegation had not appointed, as every year, the presidential teams to the season. White and bottled!

But the Junta de Andalucía is not victorious either.

On March 30, the vice president, Juan Marín, declared that it will be difficult for the festivities to be celebrated because that same day the BOE was published law 2/2021 on urgent covid prevention measures, where it was specified that in public shows it would be necessary to keep a meter and a half of distance between the spectators, with a maximum capacity of 50%, and that, if this were not possible, adopt the necessary measures to prevent the risk of contagion.

In similar terms, the president himself, Juan Manuel Moreno, and the councilors of Health and the Presidency demonstrated days later.

Why has the Board been so punctilious with the bulls and generous with other shows?

But as the hours passed, the impression spread that Andalusian politicians intended to transfer the responsibility for the absence of bulls to the central executive and thus avoid the payment of a probable electoral bill.

To date, no known legal expert has been able to clarify the indecipherable language of article 2 of the aforementioned law, which speaks of the scope of its application. Proof of this is that the Community of Castilla-La Mancha allows 75% of the capacity of the squares, and Extremadura, 50%.

But there is more: it is a decree of the Junta de Andalucía of October 29, 2020 that specifically dictates that in bullfighting shows the distance of one and a half meters must be kept with a maximum capacity of 50% in phase 2.

That is, there was no need to resort to the very confusing national law to maintain the prohibition of bulls being held in Seville under the conditions required by the employer: 50% of the capacity without the distance of one and a half meters. The difference is substantial: 5,000 in the business case and around 1,500 according to official regulations.

And so the days have passed between uncertainty and bewilderment. The businessman, in a vertiginous flight forward, and the Board, trembling, cowed and determined to shake off its own responsibility.

It is true that the businessman rushed to present some posters and put passes and tickets on sale without the assurance that they could be celebrated.

But why so much demand and severity of the Board with the bulls, which are held in open spaces, and so much generosity with other cultural shows. Why?

How do you explain, for example, that the actor and comedian Dani Rovira recorded a monologue for Netflix on November 14 at the Soho theater in Malaga with the stalls overflowing as reflected in the images? How could the Sevillian theaters Lope de Vega, Central and Maestranza, publicly owned, have continued their programming with 50% of the capacity and without keeping the famous meter and a half?

Why has the Junta de Andalucía, so bullfighting, been so punctilious with bullfighting shows, in which - remember - there has been no outbreak of the virus, and so permissive with other cultural industries?

The complex, again the damn complex of politicians on bullfighting.

And, above all, that manifest cowardice of transferring responsibility to Madrid to avoid all blame; And thus, the Junta has made the partridge dizzy day after day, in silence, trembling like a chilled bird, incapable of catching the bull by the horns and accepting the consequences of its management, which is what is expected of an honest politician.

In the end, it is the subscriber and the fan who pay for the broken dishes of a disastrous management of the businessman and the Board; more than one, fed up with annoyances, will have sworn in Aramaic that they no longer tease him.

And we will still wonder why the bulls are in crisis ...


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