"It's at the level of politicians who want to go back to the caves"

"It's at the level of politicians who want to go back to the caves"

The Spanish bishops back in public, and without fissures, the Bishop of Alcalá, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, and their pseudotherapies to 'cure' homosexuality. Last Friday, in an unusual note at the end of the Plenary Assembly of the Episcopate, his spokesman, Luis Argüello, expressed "his support and affection to Monsignor Juan Antonio Reig Pla and the COF collaborators [Centro de Orientación Familiar]", as well as his" strongest rejection of the irruption of a group of vociferous people in a temple where the liturgy of the Church was being celebrated ".

The opinion of the Episcopal Conference, is it the voice of the Spanish Church? Formally yes, but the reality is very different. The vast majority of ordinary Catholics abhor practices that seek to 'cure' homosexuality, understanding that "it is a matter that belongs more to the scientific field than to the religious," says Evaristo Villar, a spokesperson for Christian Networks.

This priest denounces how "this group has always been humiliated and mistreated religiously". "The attitude and practice of Reig Pla is simply anti-Christian and anti-evangelical, and it is at the same level as the xenophobia defended and practiced by politicians who want to turn us into Neanderthal caverns," says Evaristo, referring to the thick line that joins the Bishop of Alcalá with Vox, through ultra-Catholic associations such as HazteOir.

Christians LGTBI + H

For Raúl Peña, spokesperson for CRISMHOM (Community of Christians and Christians of Madrid Homosexuals), it is regrettable that "the existence of these practices was known for years, but only now, thanks to the journalistic initiative of eldiario.es, it has been possible have documentary evidence of them. "

"Only prejudice and ideology can lead to consider desirable change the sexual condition," says Raul, who denounces how these practices "do not come, in the best of cases to change the condition and at worst, can produce serious psychic disorders and even lead to suicide. "

"As LGTBI + H Christian people, who know we are God's beloved children, who made us and loves us such and as we are, we strongly condemn the implementation of such therapies, we congratulate that they have come to light as illegal practices and are dangerous, and we urge the public authorities to seriously and diligently investigate the facts and to apply the pertinent sanctions, "concludes the CRISMHOM spokesperson.

A "wrong and inadmissible" approach

For Emi Robles, from Proconcil (Movement for Optional Celibacy), "homosexuality in itself is neither an illness nor a social threat", so "we must recognize it, accept it and help integrate people as they are. "

Regarding the courses of Alcalá, the theologian denounces "that blaming approach and of reversing what they treat as a perversion, breaking the identity" that "is erroneous and inadmissible, at the ethical level and -probably- at the legal level".

Finally, Jesús López, spokesperson of the Forum 'Cures Madrid y +', regrets the "obsession that Reig Pla has with homosexuals and their efforts to get them to stop being it". In his opinion, the Bishop of Alcalá "speaks and acts in that way because he believes that it is what God asks him to do and what can be expected from someone who calls himself a Christian and who is a" pastor of the Catholic Church ".

However, to consider that homosexuality is a disease "is a moral abomination", points out the priest, who opposes Reig to Jesus of Nazareth who "before people with this type of sexual inclination what would be of the greatest concern is how to make them happy and that his life is characterized by loving God, whom we do not see, and our neighbor, whom we have by our side, "and not condemning him to hell.

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