Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

"It's a key week to keep dreaming to be up"

Rubi: “Es una semana clave para seguir soñando por estar arriba”

Ruby he does not want to know anything about the descent, he does not think about it for a single second, neither he nor the players. So when asked about the importance of this week, in which this Tuesday they face the Getafe and on Saturday Girona, he does not doubt a second: "It is a key week if we want to fight for the positions above. We will go for the six points, and if we do not add at least four we stop aspiring to Europe. " If I had to choose a qualifier for this game, it would be "vital".

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The wardrobe that directs the Vilassar has no "mentality" to look down, but knows that "is human." "Those in the back squeeze, although this is what usually happens. It is not the case of the wardrobe, there is no need to think about things that will not happen. When you win the suffering you forget. I'm not afraid of what's behind, "says Rubi and Rubi, who understands that there are people who speak" endings "and does not" bother "him, because he understands that he can be" a bit pessimistic, but we can not give up anything ; there are teams that finish very well and these situations can be forced ".

Pedrosa is 20 years old, it was a spontaneous situation and I feel bad that people have been offended "

To achieve his goal, he will rotate and will not use the defense of five again, although he points out that against Getafe, because "I do not rule out using it" because "he can give us wealth from here to the end of the season". "More than rotations, there will be, I think that for this game we need other players. I am sure that those who play are ready for this game, "says the coach.

One of the players who will not be will be Adrià Pedrosa, who has been involved in a controversy when exchanging the shirt with Messi at the end of the game. Rubi does not get wet and defends him: "I do not want to enter much into the subject but it's a boy who is 20 years old. It was a spontaneous situation and I am sorry that people have been offended. I also feel that he has a hard time because there are offended people. I hope all Pedrosa's sins are that. It's from the house and you have to take care of it because it will grow a lot. "

The absence of Pedrosa has nothing to do with that fact "

And it also cuts to the roots the possible speculations on if the absence has to do with the controversy: "I promise that his absence has nothing to do with that fact. At Camp Nou We took four side because we played with three centers. Tomorrow we will not play with 5 back and there are enough with three sides. I saw him affected but he has everyone's support. You have to know how to overcome these things also tan ".

The other two that fall off the list regarding the weekend derby are Alfa Semedo Y Víctor Sánchez by "technical decision", instead they will enter Sergi Darder Y Álex López. Rubi also highlights the performance of Naldo Y Lluís López, fourth and fifth central theorists, and they are performing at a very high level. "If you ask me at the beginning of the season about the strengths of our team I would say the goal, the defense and the media. Sometimes you think that the fifth center is not going to have many minutes but it is essential that they do not lower the level because they guarantee defensive stability, "he says.

If we make a great match against Getafe, it will have a lot of merit "

In the first leg, Espanyol lost 3-0 in one of their worst games of the season. Rubi has no problem admitting that "it was one of the most annoying days with the team because we had trained to fight it and they won us as we had thought". The blue and white coach does not hesitate to praise the blue team: "Getafe's merit is spectacular, if I'm not mistaken it's the best season of their history and that speaks of a great job they are doing". Therefore, he does not doubt: "If we do a great match tomorrow it will have a lot of merit"

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