Itínere presents an ERE for the 111 workers of the AP-1 before his return to the State next month | Economy

Itínere presents an ERE for the 111 workers of the AP-1 before his return to the State next month | Economy

Itínere has submitted an employment regulation file (ERE) for the entire workforce of 111 workers the highway AP-1 Burgos-Armiñón before the conclusion on November 30 of the concession contract of this way of payment and its reversion to the State, as indicated to Europa Press sources of the company and union. The group, through Europistas, subsidiary holder of the concession of this highway, has already formally raised to the unions the termination of contracts and has opened the mandatory consultation period, as detailed by UGT.

The adjustment arises despite the fact that the Ministry of Development assured that the reversion to the State of the toll roads that expire their concession period would not lead to job losses, given that their workers will be subrogated in the new conservation contracts that are established to maintain the tracks.

However, in this case, according to UGT, the Department has not addressed the public tender to select a company that is responsible for maintaining the AP-1 once a month is integrated into the state network. Sources of the concessionary company consulted by Europa Press limited themselves to confirming the presentation of the ERE.

"The situation generated is a real nonsense, not only for workers, but also for the whole of the users of the highway, since we still do not know how or who will take charge of the conservation and safety of the highway , nor of its winter viability ", denounces the union.

In his first speech at the Congress, the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, indicated that, given the reversal of the highways, the Ministry would carry out a due dilligence, a preliminary study on the state of the infrastructure, in order to determine the actions that must be carried out by the concessionaire to ensure that it is delivered in an appropriate condition and, subsequently, articulate the corresponding contract for the integral conservation of the road.

Partial work stoppages in November

Therefore, the Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption of UGT It has summoned the workers of the highway to support a calendar of partial stoppages every Friday and Sunday that of the next month of November, the last one of the concession contract of the road. The stoppages will coincide with the departure and arrival operations on the weekends of next month, although they would not affect the festive bridge of Todos los Santos. They are scheduled between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on each Friday from November 9, and between 12:00 p.m. on every Sunday from 11 November.

With these mobilizations, UGT claims the maintenance of employment in this and the rest of the country's highways, which employ a total of 1,300 workers. "The current lack of definition of the country's highway model and its economic sustainability can not result in the disappearance of a single job," says the union.


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