June 13, 2021

Italy’s “sorpasso” sets fire to Eurovision 2021

Rotterdam (Netherlands), May 22 (EFE) .- The Italian band Maneskin arrived at the 65th edition of Eurovision with the aura of the rare rock extravaganza awarded in San Remo, but it was stepping on its stage, setting it on fire and undertaking a “sorpasso “In the bets that has been settled tonight with a victory by the right.

Blas Cantó's hometown vibrates with his "sublime" performance in Eurovision

Blas Cantó’s hometown vibrates with his “sublime” performance at Eurovision

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Even with the precedent “heavy” in 2006 by the Finnish Lordi, few would have thought that one day what was cataloged as a “European festival of light song” would award a quartet formed in Rome, lover of garage rock by The White Stripes and with the seductive point of Franz Ferdinand.

Italy, which adds with this its third victory in Eurovision, had not won again since 1990 with Toto Cutugno and his song “Insieme: 1992”, the year of Azúcar Moreno, partly because he declined to participate between 1994 and 1996 and, above all , between 1998 and 2010. Total, they already had the San Remo Festival, the original version that inspired Eurovision.

On his return, the country was left out of the “top 10” only on two occasions and it was successful in another two: in 2011 with the jazz touch of Raphael Gualazzi on piano and again in 2019 with Mahmood.


From the harsh setback that was the cancellation in 2020 of this 65th edition due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the host city, Rotterdam, has compensated today with an exciting and first-class gala in which its prevention protocols have made the coronavirus more in a cumbersome shadow than in a stubborn protagonist.

For many it will have gone unnoticed even the fact that precisely because of two positive cases detected in their controls they have not performed live but with recordings of the tests nor the winner of last year, the Dutch Duncan Laurence, nor one of the countries in the competition, Iceland.

These guarantees are what have also allowed some 3,500 people (a fifth of the total capacity) to have attended the show at the Ahoy Rotterdam after having been subjected to tests in the previous hours.

That there was a desire to dance and shake off the leaden sensations of confinement has been noted in the clear predominance of dynamic songs from the start, with the Cypriot Elena Tsagrinou, and until the end with Senhit in collaboration with the famous American rapper FloRida on behalf of San Marino.

In between, some very exciting ballads, like the Swiss Gjon’s Tears (“Tout l’Univers”) or the Bulgarian Victoria (“Growing Up Is Getting Old”). By virtue of vocal virtuosity, the Spanish Blas Cantó with “I’m going to stay” has tried to stand out in that group, a dedication to his grandmother who died of covid-19 that he has turned into a dialogue with a 6-meter-diameter moon.

In general terms it has been one of the galas with the best scenographic and musical establishment in history, something that has also been measured by its stylistic variety. In fact, with a song between “soul” and “blues”, Portugal has achieved its best result so far this century (not counting Salvador Sobral), number 12.

In parallel, the Finnish Blind Channel have set fire with “nu metal”, the Russian Manizha has colored folkloric clichés with urban rhythms and an empowering message, the Belgians Hooverphonic have brought some embers of their “trip hop” and the Ukrainian Go_A have mounted an electronic folk rave.

Right behind that outburst, in position number 20, has emerged what was one of the main starting favorites, the French Barbara Pravi, illuminated only by a spotlight behind her, with the simplest of costumes, her hands at the air and liquid gaze, with a voice to warm hearts and the strength not to fear showing vulnerability.

According to the bets of the last week, on their way to victory only the possible coup d’état of the Italians Maneskin stood in the way, who have come out in twenty-fourth place prepared to burn their rock discharge with challenging bass lines, like the walk of its charismatic and shirtless vocalist, the Roman Damiano David.


When the votes have arrived, surprisingly the Spanish jury has not given any points to its transalpine neighbors, but to France, which has received the highest evaluation. In addition, it has awarded points to: Switzerland (10), Malta (8), Iceland (7), Cyprus (6) Portugal (5), Bulgaria (4), Israel (3), Lithuania (2) and Ukraine (1) .

There has been no correspondence in the return of votes for Blas Cantó, who has concluded in the penultimate position by scratching something only from the United Kingdom (2) and Bulgaria (4) and nothing from the viewers. The Murcian has not wanted to make statements after the result, with which Spain accumulates its sixth consecutive festival in the queue.

At the top, the race for the jury’s points has been a matter for France and Switzerland, in a succession of constant overtaking and curious situations, such as the latter giving 12 points to its main rival, but the former only gave it back 7 .

At the end of this first phase, the situation was Switzerland (267) and France (248). Afterwards, the system of giving each country all the points of the European spectators at once has maintained the suspense until the end, with the sudden reappearance of Italy, which was fourth and apparently lost and which has taken the great turn by monopolizing the highest audience vote, 318 points.

After Italy, which has won with 524 points, the “top 10” has been like this: 2 / France (499), 3 / Switzerland (432), 4 / Iceland (378), 5 / Ukraine (364), 6 / Finland (301), 7 / Malta (255), 8 / Lithuania (220), 9 / Russia (204) and 10 / Greece (170).


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