Italy will allow internal travel and plans to open borders from June

Italy will allow internal travel from June 3 and, due to the anticipated opening next Monday of many businesses in the country, it will establish measures such as the separation of a meter between clients to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

Giuseppe Conte's government meets this Friday night to approve two decrees that advance the reopening of the country and establish security measures within businesses starting Monday.

In addition, it is being considered to reopen the borders of Italy from June 3 and allow the arrival of travelers from the European Union without completing a quarantine of 14 days, although this idea is still under study, government sources told Efe.

The meeting has been postponed several times throughout the day to allow contributions from the different regions and autonomous provinces, recently divided on the resumption of internal movements.


Italy, with 223,000 infected and 31,600 dead, continues to open before the contraction of the pandemic and will allow travel between regions from June 3, although movements may be restricted if the data worsens, according to a draft decree.

On the other hand, starting next Monday, May 18, all movement limitations within the same region will end. Until now you could only leave the house to buy food, work, go to the emergency room and recently to visit family or play sports.

That same day, as had been announced, most of the country's businesses, such as hairdressing salons or restaurants, such as bars and restaurants, whose opening was set for June 1 and which now only served "to carry "

They should do so, yes, based on a security protocol that the Government has agreed with the regions this Friday. Many Italian traders have expressed concern over the lack of directions just three days after their return to business.


The president of the Conference of Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, confirmed in a statement that an agreement has been reached with the central executive on protocols that allow the reopening of business in security on Monday.

In the proposal unanimously delivered by the regions and that the Government will include in its decree, security measures are established in restaurants, tourist businesses, hairdressers, retail stores, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, museums and libraries.

In restaurants, for example, the tables must be separated by at least a meter, compared to more than two that had been discussed in recent days and that was disturbing in the sector, and the distance can be reduced if separators are used like partitions.

Locals will be able to take the temperature of their customers and prevent their passage if they exceed 37.5 degrees, provide disinfectant products and clean the establishment several times a day.

In businesses that allow seating, the reservation system will be favored and there will be no more people than chairs, while in those that do not allow seating, the entrance of customers must be dosed to maintain a meter of separation from each other.

Buffets will not be allowed and staff, such as waiters, must wear a mask and disinfect their hands before each service.

Customers should wear the mask until they sit down at the table, then the surfaces should be disinfected and it is proposed that the locals publish their menus so that they can be consulted on their own mobile phones.

Another important sector is that of the beaches, which will provide disinfectants to employees and customers, the temperature of which may also be controlled, and must favor entry by prior reservation.

The main objective will be to avoid crowds and the minimum distance of one meter is established between clients, in addition to differentiated entrances and exits, and each umbrella must occupy at least 10 square meters.

Group recreational and sports activities will be prohibited.

Much of the Italian coastline is covered by private beaches, for a fee, but in the case of the "free" ones, respect for security measures will be "individual responsibility".


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