Italy to reopen borders from June 3 with the EU without quarantine

Italy will open its borders from June 3 with the countries of the European Union without having to have to quarantine, according to the decree approved during the early hours of today and in which the rules are also established for a total reopening of activities economic of the country.

The decree establishes that from June 3 movement between the different regions will also be allowed.

It is added that travel to and from abroad may be limited only by state measures from other countries and "in compliance with the restrictions derived from the regulation of the European Union and international obligations."

It is a measure that aims to recover tourist flows in the country for the summer season and which has been strongly supported by the ministers of Culture, Foreign Affairs and European Affairs.

In addition to facilitating the reunion of the numerous families divided by the border blockade since last March.

The mobility ban will be limited to people who test positive for the virus or who are in quarantine.

On the other hand, from next Monday, May 18, all movement limitations within the same region will end. Until now, you could only leave home to buy food, work, emergencies and recently to visit family or play sports.

In Italy, with 223,000 infected and 31,600 dead, from this Monday all the country's businesses will open, such as shopping malls, stores, hairdressers or restaurants, such as bars and restaurants, whose opening was set for June 1.

They must do so based on a security protocol that the Government has agreed with the regions this Friday. Many Italian traders have expressed concern over the lack of directions just three days after their return to business.


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