Italy suspends the extradition of Puigdemont until the European Justice is pronounced

The Italian Justice will not decide now whether to hand over Carles Puigdemont. The judges of the Sassari court of appeal have decided to suspend the extradition process of the Catalan expresident until the European Justice resolves the prejudicial question raised by Pablo Llarena. According to sources in his defense, the Italian judges have suspended the process until they have an answer and Puigdemont has been released in the meantime.

Llarena insists and demands that the Italian judges hand over Puigdemont

Llarena insists and demands that the Italian judges hand over Puigdemont

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The former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya has come this morning to Sardinia after being arrested and to have been released without precautions more than a week ago, when he was arrested at the airport. Judge Pablo Llarena had insisted on the opposite of what his Italian counterparts decided today: that the order and the extradition process were still alive even though there was a pending preliminary ruling. Even this Monday he reminded the Sassari court that the also MEPs Clara Ponsatí and Toni Comín they were still in search and capture.

The decision therefore supposes a new brake on the international aspect of the judicial case against the procés. After the failed attempts of Germany and Belgium, Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena will have to wait to find out whether or not Italy delivers Carles Puigdemont and on what terms. The magistrate presented a preliminary ruling after Belgium refused to hand over Lluís Puig, another of the fugitives, and it is this preliminary ruling that now paralyzes the Puigdemont process. The politician has already left the Sassari appeal court claiming to be “very happy” and will give a press conference at 6.30 pm in l’Alguer.

The expresident has announced the decision of the Sardinian judges through his Twitter account, also announcing that he will follow the plenary session of the European Parliament telematically from Sardinia. Judge Llarena, instructor of the judicial case against the procés independence, has also requested this Monday to the Italian courts to process the processes of arrest and surrender of Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, who have been part of the delegation of support to Puigdemont in Sardinia. At the moment they have only been identified by the Police without any arrest having taken place.

The question referred

The Llarena movement that now paralyzes this entire delivery operation from Puigdemont arrived in March of this year. The Belgian authorities had refused to hand over ex-minister Lluís Puig when they understood that Llarena was not the competent judge to seat him on the bench and the Supreme Court judge went directly to the Court of Justice of the European Union. The question was whether the Belgian judges could go so far in their analysis of the case to decide whether or not to hand him over.

As reported then by the Supreme Court, “one of the main doubts that the examiner generates is that of whether the Belgian enforcement body has the power, in accordance with Union law, to control the jurisdiction of the issuing body, in this case the Supreme Court “. Llarena understands that no and that the European regulations that regulate Euro-orders “do not recognize this power of control, a silence that derives from the principle of mutual recognition of judicial decisions between member countries.”

Now Llarena will have to wait for her own prejudicial issue to be resolved. In recent days he had addressed the Italian court on several occasions to recall that the arrest warrant against Puigdemont was still active, that the extradition process could not be suspended due to the existence of this preliminary ruling and that his parliamentary immunity did not protect him. at this time.


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