Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Italy proposes to FIFA to allow clubs to request VAR review

The «Chalenge» of tennis could reach football

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) showed FIFA on Thursday its availability to allow clubs to ask members for the VAR review of a questionable action, underlining that it is a simple informal proposal. “The FIGC collects the requests received in recent weeks by several clubs of the Serie A and informally sent to FIFA its availability to test the use of the ‘challenge’ (the request for VAR review by the clubs), of according to the times and modalities decided by the IFAB », says the statement published Thursday by FIGC.

«The FIGC is convinced that football can be approached to the fans, without reducing the authority of the referee, but by giving him concrete tools of help»add. In this way, the Italian Federation, which was one of the first to rehearse the use of VAR as of 2017, proposed to introduce a new possibility for clubs, something that already occurs in sports such as basketball or tennis.

Many Italian clubs have shown in recent times their misunderstanding about the fact that the members have not reviewed doubtful actions and borderline cases with their screen in the field. At this time, only the referee and his VAR assistants can decide whether to review an action on the screen outside the lawn, without taking into account the complaints of the players or the coaches.


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