Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Italy approves a bill to eliminate plastic in the sea

Italy approves a bill to eliminate plastic in the sea

The Council of Ministers of Italy has approved a bill to protect the sea and destroy plastic and, among other things, authorizes fishermen to collect this material that is trapped in their nets and take it to land.

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The Council of Ministers approved last night this project called "Save the sea" and that aims to preserve the marine ecosystem and promote the circular economy, according to an official statement.

The fundamental pillar of the bill is that it authorizes fishermen to pick up the plastic that stays in their nets when they fish to prevent them from throwing it again, as they did up to now, and to end pollution in the seas.

"The fishermen will finally be able to collect the plastic that remains in their nets, until now they were forced to throw it back into the sea so as not to face an illegal transport of waste and they had to pay for its disposal," explained the Minister of the Environment Italian, Sergio Costa, in social networks.

The bill introduces the possibility of granting an environmental certification to fishermen who commit to using materials of low environmental impact, participate in campaigns to clean the sea or collect waste that remains in their networks.

"The fishermen will become the 'sweepers' of the sea, they will have an environmental certificate, they will be recognized for this work, they will take the waste to port and they will be rewarded," Minister Costa said.

Volunteer campaigns to clean up the sea and sensitize citizens to the importance of not throwing away waste and managing them properly are also included.

In this way, the Italian government, formed by the anti-system Five Star Movement (M5S) and the extreme right-wing League, wants to tackle the problem of plastic that it conceives as "a planetary emergency", according to Minister Costa.

The bill was approved four days after the death of a sperm whale with more than twenty kilos of plastic and a deceased fetus inside the coast of the Italian tourist enclave of Porto Cervo, on the island of Sardinia (east) .

The female sperm whale had ingested about twenty-two kilos of plastics, between plates, lines, nets and bags, denounced the organization "Seame Sardinia".


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