July 6, 2020

Italy allows the landing of 121 migrants to relocate them in EU countries

Italy will allow the landing of 121 migrants who remained aboard the humanitarian ships that rescued them in the Mediterranean, the "Alan Kurdi" and the "Ocean Viking", and will be relocated to other countries of the European Union (EU).

The two ships have waited almost six days for the authorities to offer them a safe harbor in Sicily (south): the "Alan Kurdi" of the German NGO Sea Eye has arrived in Messina and the "Ocean Viking", of Doctors Without Borders ( MSF) and from SOS Mediterranée, to Pozzalo.

Their landing today occurs after the European Commission has activated the protocol for the relocation of 121 migrants and some European countries, such as Germany and France, have already offered to receive some of these people.

This gives continuity to the agreement that Germany, France, Italy and Malta signed in Valletta in September to manage the migration flow of the central Mediterranean and distributed to migrants, a pact that they aspire to extend throughout the EU.

In the last hours the ship of the Sea Eye organization had approached the port of Palermo, following the invitation of its mayor Leoluca Orlando, and to protect itself from the worsening of the sea.

However, the Italian Ministry of Interior indicated Messina as a port, where its 61 rescued will drop today, including 17 women, a pregnant woman, 21 minors and 7 children, the smallest of 11 and 17 months, the chief explained to Efe of mission, Juan Matías.

The assignment of a port occurs when the situation on board was already "very difficult" after days waiting, with many sick migrants and a shortage of medicines and food, so Sea Eye planned to declare the emergency "in a few days" .

In fact, he had three bowel movements: one of them from a girl who had attempted suicide by throwing himself overboard and yesterday another 5 women who had suffered fainting, Matías said, which had "generated tension and anxiety in other people" .

On board the "Ocean Viking" there are 60 immigrants, among these 17 unaccompanied minors, a 3-month-old baby and his 3-year-old brother.

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