Italian volunteers protest the 50 percent rise in corporate tax

Italian volunteers protest the 50 percent rise in corporate tax

The world of Italian volunteering protests against the Government after learning that the budgets for 2019 have eliminated the reduction of corporate tax from which they benefited and will increase by 50% and from the current 12% will go to 24%.

This measure included in the Budgets, which from today reach the Chamber of Deputies for final approval, will affect all non-profit organizations (ONLUS), social assistance institutes, foundations, hospital entities and other humanitarian associations and volunteering.

In total it has been calculated that the so-called Third Sector will have to disburse 120 million more next year.

Among those affected are all associations linked to the Catholic Church, so the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Gualtiero Bassetti, defined the increase as "a provocation."

"Doubling the corporation tax is not a gift (to the Italians), it is a provocation, our countries are living a difficult time, but I did not expect that whoever was punished would be volunteering," he said in an interview published today in the newspaper. "La Repubblica".

Bassetti addresses the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, and asks him to go "with the bishops, with the Catholic press, with the upstart priests but not touch humanity and the sense of duty that has inspired the Constitution."

"The Chamber of Deputies would have to change it, many activities will not be sustainable, I fear that the impact of this norm has not been well calculated, it has become a kind of patrimonial tax", lamented the spokesperson of the Forum of the Third Sector, Claudia Fiaschi.

The government's decision touches about 6,220 entities, including the Red Cross, Caritas or the Community of Sant'Egidio.

"It is an unjust norm that puts the danger of thousands of volunteers being betrayed by the institutions," explains one of the spokesmen of the Community of Sant'Egidio, Roberto Zuccolini, in the newspaper "La Repubblica".

Zuccolini affirms that the Government wants to confront poverty in the country, but that "this measure goes exactly in the opposite direction".

"La Repubblica" includes the declaration of Luca Degani, UNEBA president, which includes 350 foundations that deal with minors, the elderly and the sick, which he explains as associations such as La Girola that will see their taxes doubled from 200,000 euros to 400,000 can not guarantee 50 scholarships a year that gives students without resources.

Restelli di Rho organization that deals with home care for the elderly will have 60,000 euros less to spend on their activities and the Arca association that guarantees 3,000 meals a day for the poor will have to reduce them, adds Degani.

From opposition parties like the conservative Forza Italia or the progressive Democratic Party have called on the government to reverse this increase.


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