Ita Aiways is born with strong personnel cuts after the disappearance of Alitalia



ITA, the new Italian airline that rises from the ashes of Alitalia, began its first flights today. This has put an end to the 75-year history of the flag carrier, Alitalia, whose bankruptcy is the result of a serious crisis, which has lasted for a quarter of a century with business mismanagement and waste of public money. To radically break with that past and appear with fresh air, the new Italian airline will be called Ita Airways in the coming months. Your new planes will be blue. Say goodbye to the old and historic Alitalia logo, replaced on aircraft by “Ita Airways”, and a tricolor band on the tail (green, white and red, the colors of the Italian flag).

Travelers did not notice any changes today, because Alitalia continues to appear on the planes of ITA, the new public company of the Italian State, and the same flight code (AZ) appears at the airports. The Alitalia brand was put up for auction for 290 million euros. Once the public offering procedure for the Alitalia brand and the domain was completed, the new company ITA was able to buy it at a much lower price: 90 million euros. However, the company has changed the name of the airline, so as not to carry a past that could undoubtedly have damaged its image to relaunch the new company. At a press conference, the CEO, Fabio Lazzerini, surprised by presenting the new logo and the name of the airline to be called “Ita Airways”. The website also changes and will be called:

The new company was born with large cuts, amid the protests of the thousands of workers who have been laid off. Ita Airways will fly with 52 aircraft and the employees are 2,800 (Alitalia had 10,500 employees). The Business Plan of the new company foresees “to subsequently increase the initial workforce”, until “reaching the total maximum number of approximately 5,750 employees in the year 2025”, that is to say, just over half the number of employees it had until now Alitalia.

Mismanagement and corruption

Among the objectives pursued by the new company is to become the greenest airline in Europe. “I am committed to ensuring that by 2025, ITA is the most environmentally friendly non-low cost airline in Europe, and this thanks to the agreements with Airbus for the supply of next-generation aircraft,” said the president of Ita Airways , Alfredo Altavilla, who also promised to “put the customer at the center of commercial policy and carry out good economic management.”

Undoubtedly, President Altavilla thus intended to eliminate the shadow that has existed over Alitalia in recent decades, due to its mismanagement and corruption, to the point that it became a symbol of business failure. The Arabs (Ethiad, airline of the United Arab Emirates), the French (Air France), the Dutch (KLM), as well as successive governments that tried to privatize it, after half a century of absolute state control, tried to refloat it without success. No one managed to save her. During the last 25 years, crises have occurred in the flag carrier. Alitalia became the symbol of the business failure of the transalpine country, due to its management and waste. Alitalia’s death was announced and it was inevitable. In order for Ita Airways to be born, the European Commission had to approve the viability plan of the new company, as it had public funds.

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