Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

It would not be logical that there was now a political change in Valencia

It would not be logical that there was now a political change in Valencia

The president of the Generalitat and socialist candidate for re-election, Ximo Puig, believes that there would be "no logic" that there would be a political change in the Valencian Community after the elections on April 28 and considers that there must be "continuity in the change" started in 2015.

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In an interview with the Efe Agency, Puig affirms that in these four years of government they have shown that they are reliable, that they create self-government and that they defend the general interest above any partisan issue, in addition to having restored confidence to citizens in the institutions.

Ensures that the PSPV is "a safe and reliable bet", since it has a "autonomous, inclusive and integrating project, which is not only thought of in a part of the population", and that has a "transversal view, which goes beyond the borders of the own party ".

Puig understands that both Compromís and the PSPV read well in 2015 what the citizens had decided at the polls, and points out that the agreement of the Botanic "has been an exercise of positive responsibility in favor of the Valencian Community".

"The Valencian society needed to turn the page of what had been corruption, waste and the discrediting of institutions, and make a quiet change, and it was done," he says.

On future pacts, says that it will depend on what the citizens say on April 28, and although he would like the PSPV to have "the best possible result to be able to apply to the maximum" his electoral program, he also believes that "there must be continuity in the change".

"What I deeply want is that citizens do not look back to the past, to the past from which we fled and we do not want to return," says Puig, who hopes that this time of progress that has been lived in the Region in the last four years "is not a parenthesis between two swimmers".

He believes that "there would be no logic that there was a political change at this time" and that "Valencian society would go back" because, in his opinion, "the damage that the PP has done to the Valencian society is irreparable and if all the days asking for forgiveness, they would not purge their grief. "

However, he stresses that these moments the rights are embraced as a "lifeline to their discredit and lack of political project" to Vox, a party that "the democratic right in Europe would never accept as a partner", and the unknown is " know if the ultra-right blanks "the rest of the parties on the right.

"The drama is that the democratic right has been absolutely contaminated and at this moment you hear the leaders of the different rights, and it is very difficult to know who is speaking because they all say the same" on issues such as equality, euthanasia or recentralization, regrets.

The president of the Generalitat defends that whatever happens in the general elections, there must be a new funding model that does justice, something that will continue to defend "govern who governs, and if Pedro Sánchez does it with greater zeal" because he is committed to that change and with the Comunitat, says.

"I am absolutely convinced that this complicity between a progressive government of the Comunitat and a government of progress in Spain will solve a problem of justice, which is a problem of equity," says the Socialist leader.

And he assures that Sanchez has done what he could do to solve the problem of underfinancing of Valencians, as it is to include in the General State Budgets 10% of territorialized investments, while remembering that the change of financing requires territorial agreements and in The congress.

On the pacts at national level, he believes that once citizens decide at the polls, parties must "seek solutions from stable governments" to avoid what has happened in recent years in Spain, in which "citizens voted and some parties blocked governments. "

"That can not be the solution, the citizens have voted, the political parties have to find solutions, we can not be permanently in an electoral loop," says Puig.


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