May 26, 2020

«It would not be inappropriate to create a disaster fund for developed countries»


The hardest hit when it comes to coping with extreme weather are developing countries. In order to help them in mitigation and adaptation, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) was launched five years ago. It was initially capitalized with 10,300 million. The second phase that began at the end of this year has 9,800 million, far from the 100,000 million dollars promised. Spain has allocated 120 million euros in the first phase and 150 in the second.

–What project would you highlight?

–What will be done in Chile and will be signed on the 11th at the COP. It has a double generation route by renewable: hydroelectric and solar. And it achieves two objectives: on the one hand, you have a solar plant at the top of the mountain range and on the other you create a reserve of water extracted from the Pacific. In addition, at night with the fall of the water you generate electricity and during the sun hours of the day you generate solar energy. And of adaptation: the one of treatment of dirty waters so that they can be reused to irrigate the crops in Palestine.

– How many people has this fund helped?

–To 348 million from more than 100 countries.

–Japan was the most affected by extreme weather in 2018. Could it be necessary to make a similar fund for developed countries?

–Perhaps it would make sense from another type of structure. It would not be inappropriate for a financial mechanism, beyond multilateral banking, to support developed countries to establish guarantee instruments.

– Any message for countries like Poland or Saudi Arabia that today are not very much for the work of reducing emissions?

–The message for countries that also have an enormous capacity to generate renewable energy, such as Saudi Arabia on solar, is that they should expedite the transition because we are all going to suffer the effects of climate change, and they too: Saudi Arabia will suffer much more extreme droughts .

–Back to top, how much should the Green Fund be endowed with?

– Undoubtedly, we must expand it, with 9.8 billion we can have little influence in relation to the emergence of climate change. At least the commitment to contribute 100,000 million should be fulfilled. Developing countries require a much higher budget than we have today.

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