Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

"It would be on the shoulders of Congress"

"If I were Iglesias, I would make a very tough investiture speech, I would set myself up as head of the opposition and unlock the situation by investing Sanchez. Surely if he does that, it goes to the shoulders of Congress," he said.

This is how Rufián has pronounced in statements to the media before attending the celebration of the Diada in Madrid, when asked about the last offer of Iglesias to the acting president and Sanchez's refusal to face it.

Rufián has declined to expressly express his opinion on the proposal of Podemos, which has proposed resuming the negotiation where it was left last July and has offered the PSOE to govern in coalition until the approval of the Budgets and leave the Executive later if Sanchez asks for it, but maintaining his parliamentary support. "We lack information," he said.

Of course, he insisted that it is "positive" that Sánchez and Iglesias have spoken again and stressed that his "personal phobias" do not have to lead to new elections that would yield similar results. He has also asked both to "lock themselves in a room with bread and water until they reach an agreement" so as not to give the opportunity to govern to the right.

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