Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

"It would be a disappointment not to reach the Europa League group stage"

The Spanish He continues his preparation in Navata for a long season, in which they wish to be able to compete in three competitions. In Torremirona he went out to talk Víctor Sánchez, one of the captains, and although he was asked about the European ambitions of the team, the press conference was dominated by the names of Borja Iglesias Y Mario Hermoso, two key pieces that they have their future in the air.

Víctor Sánchez, like the entire squad, knows that this summer "the preseason is different". On July 25 they play the first leg of the first round to qualify for the group stage of the Europa League and therefore are aware that they must "catch pace and be very good." "We want to start competing and enjoy," said the midfielder after training, and admitted that "it would be a disappointment and a pity not to reach the group stage" and that "we will try our best".

The departure of Rubi was rare, it was the least we all thought "

In the entry and exit section, the holidays started moving for the blue and white club with the sudden and unexpected departure of the coach who qualified them for European positions, Ruby. "The departure of Rubi was rare," Victor Sanchez acknowledged, "it was the least we all thought, but we know what football is."

"We read something in the press and when it happened I spoke with the coach and he explained to me," he continued. On the other hand, he can only "wish him the best luck in the world, hopefully his road will go well and ours will be good". To settle the issue the captain insisted that "there is more to talk, he paid his clause, he left, he left the team where he had to be in European positions and there is no more, he thought it was an opportunity to grow as it happens many times" .

We are trying to be clear about the automatisms that David Gallego wants "

About Rubi's replacement, David Gallego, Víctor Sánchez does see similarities between them, although with nuances. "They are two coaches who like the ball a lot, be protagonists of the game, try to play offensive football. They are similar but with nuances, Now we are beginning to deepen with Gallego and we see that he will weigh the ball, get up and offensive football without neglecting to be aggressive and steal fast, "he explained.

With the little time available they will prepare the first preliminary tie: "We are trying to be clear about the automatisms that he wants. It will be basic the pressure in the exit of the ball, things that he has in his game and we are emphasizing it, but the year is very long and we will evolve. For the match of the 25 we will have to have clear those concepts and between that and the quality of the team we will make sure good matches ".

Borja and Mario are professionals, they will try to help us and hopefully they can stay with us "

The other two protagonists have been Mario Hermoso, for the interest of the Atlético de Madrid, and Borja Iglesias, for the Betis. The midfielder, however, sees them "quite focused". "They are professionals, they are going to try to help us and hopefully they can stay with us," he added.

Galician forward commented that he hopes "not to be living the last few hours" with him and explained how they live day to day: "What we do is be good with him, he is calm. What he does or does not do will be seen, he is a player of Espanyol and he is delighted, I do not have the feeling that he will go for sure ". They also have assimilated that if Betis pays its clause and Borja Iglesias wants to go "there is nothing to do". And that the fact that Rubi is the one who wants it does not affect, because "in elite football there are no written rules either the home team or not."

Bernardo and Iturraspe are going to add a lot for a long year "

As for the center, he also assured to see him "calm". "It takes less days of preparation, is picking up pace and is happy, there is nothing that tells me to go tomorrow, if in the end it will happen and we will not have anything to say," he said. He added that "hopefully they can help us in this preliminary phase" because "they are two important players".

Víctor Sánchez also entered assess the incorporations of Bernardo Espinosa Y Ander Iturraspe, of those who said that although "he did not know them personally", he does know that "they are two very good players" and that "they are going to add a lot for a long year, they are good people and they have been in the elite for years".

I hope to have a better year than the past at the individual level "

The captain expects "to have a better year than the past at the individual level", because although he ended up "playing a lot", it hurt to see how he was at the beginning "even without summoning". "I will try to work to the maximum and from there the coach will decide," he said.

As keys for such a long season and with so much wear and tear is to be counted "with everyone": "We must emphasize to be professionals and manage fatigue so there are no injuries because if there are the team will suffer." At the same time he considered that despite being a "young staff" many, "as in the case of Darder, Melendo, rock or Mario, they have matured and there are veteran people who can do our bit. "

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