August 5, 2021

It will be necessary to help her to fulfill her wish

It will be necessary to help her to fulfill her wish

Ángel Hernández, arrested in Madrid for supplying a substance to help his wife, who was suffering from a terminal illness, die in a letter that his wife wanted to end his life and, faced with the inability to do it for herself, there was no "more remedy" than to help her fulfill her wish.

In the letter, dated March 10 and that Thursday has sent the right to death to the media, Angel explains carefully the illness of his wife, Maria Jose Carrasco, 61, who since 1989 suffered from multiple sclerosis with a disability of 82% and had been asking for help to die for years.

"This story will be concluded when María José, in her right to put an end to her malvivir and to use her freedom, decides to continue with her suicide." It is evident that María José's desire to be fulfilled needs her help, because of her inability to do it herself, and since it is a constant in her to demand that help, there is no other way but to provide her with that help so that her wish can be fulfilled, "says the husband.


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