Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

"It will be important to score first"

Solskjaer: “Va ser importante conseguir marcar primero”

Specialist in goals at the last minute at the Camp Nou, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer surprised with his recipe for try to overcome the 0-1 that Barcelona Got it at Old Trafford. The Norwegian technician, lover of the tachycardic endings, he does not want to leave everything the job for the end. "If we score first, it will be important, because we would tie the tie and everything will start again," he explained.

Manchester United, what he has already won at Juventus Stadium and at the Parc des Princes, grab those precedents. "The teams open a little more against us and we can score first. To PSG
we mark him at two minutes. That can change the mentality of the rival players, who worry, "analyzed the coach.

Minute fetish

If we maintain the goal to zero we will be in the tie until the minute 93 "

The red devils are very fixed in that 1-3 of the Parc des Princes with which they entered the quarterfinals on March 6. "The memory of the game against PSG will help us as a team to try to come back against Barcelona. We know it's difficult but not so long ago we did it and we have one goal less disadvantage, "warned Solskjaer.

Of course, the English plan does not rule out repeating the history of the 1999 final against Bayern on the same stage. "If we maintain the goal to zero we will be in the tie until the minute 93 because we are taller and stronger than them. If we reach those minutes, we have the physicality to play them, "the Norwegian was confident.

1-3 of the Parc des Princes

The memory of PSG will help us to try to overcome. We have one goal less disadvantage "

However, Solskjaer insists that United should not trust everything to the set pieces. "We have to use all our weapons. We can not give up any. We have the argument of playing a set piece but in the first leg Pique and Lenglet defended the centers very well. You have to play at our best level, technically and tactically, do a lot of things well. "

From the first leg, the Norwegian coach drew the conclusion that United lacked authority and concentration. "We did not keep the ball enough," he complained. "We have to master more." While he asked that there be no mistake. "We disconnected for a moment, we gave Busquets a second to put a pass to Messi and the goal came," he lamented.

Promise battle

It's going to be a supreme effort but we're going to run until the players are cramped. "

Finally, he was brave to ask his players to look at Ter Stegen, who did not stop at Old Trafford. "You have to make the goalkeeper work." For this, he has brought to Barcelona all his offensive arsenal, in addition to Lukaku and Rashford, the starters in the first leg. "Alexis, Lingard, Martial, Pogba … we need all our strikers because we need to score."

Solskjaer knows he has everything against him but promises battle. "It's going to be a supreme effort but my players have done it before. We are well physically. We are ready. We want to play at the Camp Nou. We are going to run until the players are cramped. "

The return of Alexis

We need all our strikers because we need to score "

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