“It was a crush from the beginning”

Pablo has already got his millionaire jackpot and Antena 3 celebrated it in style. Antenna 3 swept Thursday thanks to Pablo’s boat in ‘Pasapalabra’. The contestant completed, this time, the famous ‘rosco’ of the contest before a spectacular 30.8% and 4,348,000 viewers at access prime time. Afterwards, the special of ‘The Hormiguero’ with the contestant scored the best share in the history of the program with a 24% and 2,970,000 followers.

The contestant has won the Pasapalabra grand prize in a historic broadcast for the program presented by Roberto Leal. Pablo has achieved a prize of 1,828,000 euros. But that is not the total figure you will receive. As confirmed in El Hormiguero in the interview after his great feat, Hacienda stays “the 828,000 euros of taxes “.

In that program he also confirmed that in Pasapalabra, the young man found love. “In Pasapalabra I met my girlfriend. I knew who he was from before, but we met in person because he came to a blue chair. I take that first and then the boat. She was a crush from the beginning, I love her a lot and she is a very good person ”

Pablo Díaz managed to become one of the most popular contestants in Pasapalabra. In an interview recently granted to the Antena 3 website The young man who participates in the most important television contest and who took 1.3 million euros confessed that he watched the contest with her and that is why he appeared, almost in his honor. But his was not the first honorable step on the small screen. Before there were other contestants who triumphed on television such as Fran González, the Asturian from Pasapalabra who was also one of the stars of the rosco. In fact, he also ended up taking the highest award on television. And since then it has disappeared.

The Antena 3 contest currently does not have some “magnificent” as they do have other formats such as “Know and win” but it does have a large cast of winners who, in fact, are even friends and meet periodically. The fact that they are so well known has made many become true claims.

Pasapalabra has been one of the most watched and valued contests on television for years. Already when years ago it was released on the small screen in our country by the hand of Antena 3 the format achieved great audience data. So much so that Telecinco noticed the contest and bought it and began broadcasting after Sálvame and before its nightly newscast. However, a demand from the production company that has the rights to broadcast this format internationally made the main Mediaset chain have to stop broadcasting. Pass word several months ago. The contest went to a “contest” never better said and it was Atresmedia that won the rights.

The play went well for Antena 3 for two reasons: the first because thanks to this program it can boast of having made audience records (In fact, in January he was about to win the battle against Telecinco for audience after almost two years of Mediaset’s reign). But the importance of Pasapalabra goes beyond And is that the contest is broadcast just a few minutes before the evening news. And all the networks want audience leadership in that segment to be able to boast that their news programs are the most viewed.


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