"It seems that if you do not go out with the goalie you do not play football" | sports

"It seems that if you do not go out with the goalie you do not play football" | sports

The concentration of the selection in Las Rozas coincided on Monday with the meeting of more than 600 Spanish coaches in the Continuing Training Course of the UEFA License, a procedure that all technicians must complete every three years to renew their card, and which serves to gather colleagues and friends in long days of debates and cafes. The congress brought together for the first time Fernando Hierro, the outgoing coach, with his successor Luis Enrique, and led a round table attended by Unai Emery, Arsenal coach; Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Tottenham; Javi Gracia, Watford coach; Gregorio Manzano, former Atlético coach; and Luis García Plaza, who currently heads Beijing Renhe of the Chinese League. The issue they addressed was the validity of the possession game that brought Spain up in 2010, in the wake of the World Cup in Russia and the triumph of France by giving up the ball.

"Football is governed by trends," said Pochettino. "Now the tendency is to debate about possession. Soccer is so rich that any road can lead you to success. The most important thing is for the coach to convey what he feels. As Unai says, emotions are fundamental. Each one has a character that conveys with nuances to compose a style. But nobody owns a style. When we go back in history we discover that everything was invented and reinvented. It's like fashion. Forty years ago bell-bottoms were worn, cigarettes are now used and in the future the bells will be back. Today the tendency is to leave playing from behind, and it is something that we have heard a lot in this congress. It seems that whoever does not start playing with the goalkeeper does not play football. And I like transitional football, high recovery football and pressure, counterattack football, long-distance soccer behind the back that both captivated in England … What we can never forget is the group of players that you have. It is always easier to win with the best. Then there is the personal treatment. The management of the human group evolves with society. Maybe this part of the job is the one that demands the most time. "

Connection with the fan

Emery pointed out that the style depends on the taste of the fans for whom the coach works. "On the one hand there is a search for success and on the other a connection with the amateur," he said, "so that he feels identified with the game and that vibrates with his team. How is it combined? To transmit emotions you need to perform situations of the game that the public enjoys. If you can win with that, well done. The important thing is to adapt to the circumstances that you can generate and to which the rival can provoke you. I take two aspects that are opposite references for me: Guardiola and Simeone. In the concept of winning, both win; and in the concept of making your hobbies vibrate, too. "

"This morning," observed Manzano, "there has been a presentation in which there has been an analysis of the World Cup. France with 34%, half of the possession table down, came out champion. Do you mean to say that this is the formula to win? Yes, because the champion is always right. Sometimes the Spanish model gives a performance and sometimes not. Soccer does not have mathematical formulas. But let's not forget that in England the Spanish model led by Guardiola has been successful. The City, the Arsenal of Emery or the Tottenham of Pochettino will be models of success practicing a native football with Spanish roots. Why are we going to abandon our essence, if we have represented a modern football that has given us great success? ".

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