"It never crossed my mind"

"It never crossed my mind"

The former mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has denied the statements made by her former deputy mayor and current spokesperson for Recupera Madrid, Marta Higueras, who In an interview with elDiario.es, he stated that they are going to ask him to stand for election to win back the mayor's office. "Not much less I plan to introduce myself," he said in statements to Cadena SER. Carmena has stressed that, although she "has friendship" with her, she is not linked to the Higueras group, nor is she to Más Madrid, despite having "a lot of friendship" with Rita Maestre.

Manuela Carmena: "Politicians who lie must be sanctioned"

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“That was the candidacy that won the elections, it was like that and I have a lot of consideration for all of them and I would like them to find some way to reach agreements between them and to form a good candidacy for the future”, he expressed, to repeat: “ It certainly doesn't cross my mind. I already said that I was leaving active politics and that's how I will be."

Asked if they had said anything to her before making these statements, the former mayor said no, that she found out yesterday, Monday morning, when a friend of hers gave her the Higueras interview while she was on the Metro. Thus, Carmena has recognized that she has been "very upset" with the news, because those "are not ways" and she has repeated that she is not "in any" of the political groups. “What I would like is for the split not to take place.”

As to whether she has told them something after finding out, Carmena has replied that she hasn't, because she doesn't want to “be watching one and the other”. “My position is very clear”, she has indicated again, to make it clear again that she “never” has thought of being part of electoral lists again. "No way. They all know me and they know that I am going to say no, systematically ”, she has finished.

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