It is very likely that Roma Gallardo will go to Andorra

The youtuber Roma Gallardo explains the reasons that would make him make this decision

Every time you can see more cases of content creators, freelancers or businessmen who decide move to the neighboring country. The last to speak on this subject has been the well-known youtuber Roma Gallardo who indicates that it is very likely that he will go to Andorra, since he increasingly finds more reasons to leave Spain and they are all related to the management of the Government.

In this sense, the youtuber answers a resounding yes to the question of whether "it is increasingly likely that he will go to Andorra." According to his own statements in one of his videos, it is not only that too many taxes are paid in Spain, but what is that money used for? collected.

These are the Reasons why Roma Gallardo is likely to go live in Andorra:

  1. We have the government with the record for the highest political positions in the history of the country.
  2. We have the Government with the record for the most ministries.
  3. The Government of Spain also holds the record for the largest number of advisors.
  4. It is the government with the highest public debt.
  5. Spain holds the record for the largest number of civil servants.
  6. The record for the largest number of companies and self-employed workers that have closed has been broken.

Therefore, Rome asserts that does not want to "finance these people so dangerous, so manipulative and so bad", since she considers that, taking into account that the records broken are all bad, she has enough reasons to go to Andorra, as indicated in this video.

Roma Gallardo explains why he is likely to go to Andorra