"It is very important that the Church collaborate with the investigation commission of sexual abuse"

“It has been a very inspiring conversation. I have been able to verify how the same values ​​of dialogue, solidarity and helping those who have more difficulties inspire us”. It is the summary made by the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, of his meeting of about 50 minutes with Pope Francis. On the table have been the issues that are of interest in relations between the State and the Catholic Church and that are confined to the three commissions that were launched with the arrival of the Socialists in Moncloa: one for the registration of assets, another for the issues prosecutors and a third on Obra Pía. Bolaños has given practically no details of his conversation on these matters, beyond assuring that they continue to advance, and on the sexual abuse committed within the Church, he has limited himself to saying that the Pope has transmitted the "concern" that it generates “It is very important that the Church collaborate with that commission,” said Bolaños, who has not clarified, however, if it is the message that he has transferred to the pope or if it is the message that he leaves to the bishops in the press conference that he offered after the audience at the Spanish embassy before the Holy See, which is now represented by former minister Isabel Celáa.

“This is a matter of concern to His Holiness. We have exchanged some opinion in relation to how important it is to protect the victims and that all the decisions that are adopted are measures to protect the people who were victims of crimes”, explained Bolaños before recalling that in Spain it has begun “ a way of working so that the facts can be clarified”. "The Church must be aware of the importance of clarifying the facts," said the minister responsible for the Government's relationship with religious orders at a time when the Episcopal Conference refuses to collaborate with the investigation that is being launched by the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo.

“We have talked about the relationship with the Episcopal Conference, about the working groups that are working well, that are making progress. We have not gone into too much detail and we have valued the agreements that we have reached and that we intend to reach in the future," Bolaños said, referring to the three commissions that he reactivated in September to analyze "the situation of the assets registered by the Church Catholic, the tributary regime and the Pious Work of Rome”. Of all of them, the only one that has borne fruit so far is that of the registrations incorrectly carried out by the bishops, but for now there is no trace of the Government's intention that they pay IBI for buildings not dedicated to worship, despite the fact that Francisco I has been favorable.

"There will be points of divergence but the important thing is to dialogue, to exchange criteria," said the minister, who assured that "dialogue is a hallmark" of the Government and that the pope "has been pleased that the path of dialogue is continuous".


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