“It is time that your policy was based on more than our dead. Leave my father alone!”

Mikel Iruretagoyena is today a man in his twenties from Gipuzkoa. In 1998, when he was very young, he saw how ETA assassinated his father, who was 35 years old and was a PP councilor in Zarautz. This Saturday, the staff of the Basque PP paid tribute to the mayor in the town’s own cemetery. The leader of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, who was also one then, took advantage of the event to repeat his criticism of the Socialists for agreeing with EH Bildu, whom he called “proetarras.” On Twitter, Pablo Casado greeted the tribute, remembering the victim and “condemning” that the Pedro Sánchez government agrees with those who visit terrorists in prisons and want to “overthrow the regime.”

An outbreak of COVID-19 in the Leza hospital forces patients to be transferred to Txagorritxu, in Vitoria

An outbreak of COVID-19 in the Leza hospital forces patients to be transferred to Txagorritxu, in Vitoria

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In the photograph that accompanied the message, the entire family of the murdered person appeared, including a very young Mikel Iruretagoyena. In two brief messages on the same social network, the young man has shown his anger with the political line of his father’s party. “Continue acting like this with the families of the victims, it will be great for you. Stop living on the victims, it is time for your policy to be based on something more than our dead. Leave my father alone, for Please! “, exclaimed Mikel Iruretagoyena. The response to the leader of the PP is longer: “Mr. Casado, indeed I am the child who appears in that photo. I wanted to tell you that the tribute made today to my father has been very nice. only a member of the family has attended the event. ”

It is not the first voice in the world of the victims that speaks in this sense towards the political strategy of Casado in Genoa and Iturgaiz in Euskadi. In November, Consuelo Ordóñez, president of Covite and sister of the mayor in San Sebastián Gregorio Ordóñez, murdered a few years before Iruretagoyena, said in this newspaper to be “hallucinated” at the debate on the approach of the ETA prisoners, something that happens week by week. “It is an invented and self-serving controversy,” he said. He explained that the Sánchez government does nothing different from the previous ones. Remember the approaches of Mariano Rajoy, 40 “with the same criteria” as now, and that there were with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and even with José María Aznar, then with very active ETA. Ordóñez explains that when the former judge of the National Court Fernando Grande-Marlaska arrived in the Interior in the summer of 2018, they were already informed about the policy that would be practiced. “They are saying that this has to do with budgets when it has been since July 2018. I hallucinate in colors,” the head of Covite was angry.


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