August 5, 2020

"It is the great moment of political debate"

In an interview on Onda Cero, collected by Europa Press, the foreign minister has admitted that presenting the project is the "general process" that is normally followed, but has acknowledged that the Executive is experiencing "unusual circumstances."

"The normal thing is to present the budgets and that the House makes a statement, it is the great moment of political debate, but it also depends on the attitudes of the other parties and the response of the EU to the accounts", admitted Borrell.

These statements come after the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, admitted at the Ibero-American Summit that he plans to continue governing by extending the accounts and said that it was incidental if the Government carried out social measures through new Budgets or through decree laws.

Sanchez said that the government "will not make the Spaniards dizzy", suggesting that in the case of not having insured the votes required in Congress to approve next year's public accounts, he might not present them.


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