“It is the best for the unity of Spain”

After juggling so as not to enter fully into the issue during the Andalusian PSOE primary campaign, Juan Espadas has been quite resounding on the issue of pardons to the Catalan independence leaders by ensuring that they are “the best for the unity from Spain”. This has been pronounced in the plenary session of the Seville City Council, to which the PP has taken a proposal to reject this measure that the central government will foreseeably adopt shortly, and where it has reproached the popular that their real problem “is that they do not digest the results of the last elections “.

As it is a proposal that the municipal group of the PP had and not a direct interpellation to the mayor, Espadas could not have responded, in fact the defense of the rejection of the measure proposed by the popular was made by the socialist spokesperson, Adela Castaño. Despite this, he decided to make his position clear by intervening at the end, to acknowledge the Cs spokesman, Álvaro Pimentel, who “is probably right” when he assures that many citizens neither share nor understand these pardons. “But he will also recognize with me that it is the best for the unity of Spain.”

“If you do not know how to see it, it is probably because you do not understand that for the unity of Spain to be stronger it is necessary that social coexistence in Catalonia be stronger as well,” he continued, adding his speech with a recommendation: “When they understand that, they will probably have a much more constructive vision of the State and this country for the future of Spain.”

The PP proposal is a copy of the one that is being carried out by all the institutions, and with it he urged that the Seville City Council “express its support for the 1978 Constitution and its refusal to grant pardon” to the independence leaders. of “their unfailing support for the work carried out every day by the different Spanish courts of justice.” After the popular ones refused to vote these points separately, the initiative (which has had the support of PP, Cs and Vox) has been rejected with the votes of PSOE and Adelante Sevilla, which add up to an absolute majority.


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