November 26, 2020

It is sad to have to see a president of the Generalitat on the bench

The senator and spokesperson of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, has considered this Sunday "very sad" to see a president of the Generalitat in the exercise of his position sitting on the bench, in reference to the opening of oral trial to Quim Torra for a crime of disobedience.

The judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSCJ) Carlos Ramos decided last Friday to send to trial the Catalan president, Quim Torra, for ignoring the order of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) to remove the ties of public buildings during the period election of the generals on April 28.

"We think it's very sad to have to see the president of the Generalitat prosecuted for disobedience and have to see how he continues to discredit the Catalan institutions," said Roldan in statements at the headquarters of his party.

The spokeswoman of Cs has regretted that Torra is "boasting" of not abiding by judicial resolutions, that it is dedicated to "insulting Spanish democracy" and that "it only governs for its own people".

Proof of this, he continued, is that "yellow streets, squares, beaches and buildings that belong to everyone".

In addition, according to Roldan, the Catalan president "is dedicated to attacking those who defend that the instructions have to be neutral and can not become the bulletin board of separatism."

He stressed that his party was the first to denounce that situation "before the passivity" of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, "who did nothing" and "looked the other way as usual in Catalonia."

The senator has warned the president of the Generalitat that if he returns to act in the same way he will have Cs in front of him "to put him down again".

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