It is not the hunting that worries the people | Society

It is not the hunting that worries the people | Society

It gives the impression, following the political information, that the people of the town spend their lives watching the bulls or going out to hunt. Neither is that nor are these "important solutions" against depopulation, as affirmed by the PP candidate Suárez Illana. The bulls and the hunting have not touched anyone and rural Spain is still emptying. Or are they forbidden? No one is going to stay in a village because there is a run on the TV every afternoon. This is not a matter of horns.

The approaches to the rural world during the electoral campaign season - outside of it hardly exist - always border on the joke, but the field is already for few jokes. What was lost with the crisis in rare cases has returned and that the crisis was not so hard in certain rural areas, because the one that had little, little lost. There you live in another way, nobody gets rich or hit balls. On the contrary, they welcomed those who returned expelled from the inhospitable cities and provided them with relief. And now they are revitalizing by their own means. With depopulation and everything, some people begin to show muscle. They only need supports, not saviors.

But with the crisis, the Administrations have cut health services, school, welfare, as if those who live there, because they are few, need less. On the contrary. They need means of transport that they have been losing, a greater abundance of isolation; and who says means of transport says Internet with speed to bring and bring ideas; medical professionals, schools and above all, a good network of care for dependence for old people -in the villages do not walk with so much euphemism- that shines by its absence in most of that Spain, rather than empty, mistreated.

Yes, there are many elderly women who live with minimal official assistance, people over 100 who have died being "light dependent", pensioners with pensions of misery, workers who can not take vacations but who pay taxes for a farmhouse , those that dictates a cadastre that is not able to marry an owner with his property even if he proposes it. And come the aged in these lands taking the car 20 times to the city and back to solve the mess of the Administration. Colliding with machines that do not understand, responding, like Daniel Blake, who neither have a computer nor know how to use it, asking favors from the neighbor ... And the children away.

People are treated, for administrative purposes, as if they were cities, while they are stripped of the traditional advantages of not being. At the bar in the square, which languishes daily, they charge fees for playing a music that sounds in silence, they fill with norms and mandangas the spaces that used to be rural freedom: the boys can not even go to the pool without adult company in a mini-town where everyone knows each other. They are equating rural life with that of the city in its disadvantages. But nobody monitors the urban disasters that are committed there, nor are they actively investigating certain crimes against nature. In the human order, lesbians and gays are still invisible or badly regarded, women suffer in the dark sexist violence, when they are not accused of provoking it. The culture, and the culture. The few cinemas that there are in those parts have an indigestible programming ... A whole joke.

When the people of the town voted left again and again they were accused of paniaguados, captives, miserables that were sold for a piece of PER. Now it is suspected that they will end up branded as rednecks for falling headlong into the urn of Vox, oh ignorant without remedy. You have to be annoyed. Well maybe there is some surprise. To begin with, it does not seem to be the hunting that worries them the most, neither the bulls nor the heifers nor the encierros, no matter how hard some of them appear at the sight of some horns. Divertimentos for men, when it is the women who are emptying the towns, fed up with so many things, eager for an improvement. It's the economy, friend, and health and dependence, the children, the wifi and the crops that concern them. As to the whole world.


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