October 30, 2020

«It is not so rare that there is a communist minister»




The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has passed through the Congress of Deputies to explain the main lines of his ministry for this legislature and has had to reply to criticism of the opposition for being precisely in charge of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs having declared himself a communist. “It is not so rare that there is a communist minister,” Garzón replied. “The same is something exceptional,” he continued, “but in this country democracy would not exist if the communist party had not existed,” something that, he said, “today recognize the main authors of the Constitution.” «We may be facing a statistical anomaly, but not a political one», has sentenced.

Garzón thus answered the deputy of Vox present at the commission, Ignacio Garriga, who had expressed in his speech the “deep concern” of his group for the minister’s predilection for Cuba’s consumption model. The minister explained that when he referred to the consumption model of Cuba he did so in relation to an article in which he defended that the current production and consumption model of developed societies «They are incompatible with nature». «That was said in 2012 and today it is even more obvious to the scientific community», although it has clarified that «we do not want to follow the model of any currently existing country».

Upon leaving the commission, Garzón has insisted that he seeks to make the population “see healthier consumption more attractive” and to do so will “generate” a “new fiscal model”. That is why «it is studying» an incentive system, a measure that «everyone shares» because today’s society «needs to understand that we have certain health problems derived from unhealthy consumption». “This Government has to provide facilities for people to find it attractive to consume healthy products and to improve our lives both at the individual level and at the country level,” he said. “That is incentivize.”


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