"It is not about improving income but about reducing expenses"

Four days after a dozen European soccer clubs, three of them Spanish, launched the Super League, La Liga, the organization that manages the national championship, took the floor on Thursday. Javier Tebas, president of the association where Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid are integrated, has considered the project of an alternative championship to the Champions League "dead". However, he has avoided talking about sanctioning these teams, which are currently contesting the league title. "Let's not run with the issue of sanctions," he assured, despite the fact that "it has been a very dangerous action for football."

How the country that invented modern football thwarted plans for a European Super League of wealthy clubs

How the country that invented modern football thwarted plans for a European Super League of wealthy clubs

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The controversial manager of Spanish professional football has appeared at a press conference together with the president of Valencia, Villarreal, Betis, Sevilla and Levante after a La Liga meeting in which the clubs that bet on the Super League were not present. Thebes has charged against the project and has celebrated that "this threat has been ended". "It is not true that they come to save us from ruin. The national competition is very damaged in terms of economics and meritocracy," he said. "If it was very good for football, they would not have done it clandestinely," he said.

Tebas has accused Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid and the Superliga, and the president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, of "lying" about the justification for the new championship. "The Super League is dead, it is a binational tournament," he assured at the press conference. "You cannot make an isolated issue, such as the pandemic, to justify the competition," he said. "Maybe this year they have losses but look at their results of the last five years, it is not true that they lose," he defended.

The executives who have appeared have coincided in pointing out that football is experiencing a process of "hyperinflation" in terms of the expenses of football clubs in signings and salaries. "It is not a question of improving their income, as they defend, a cost control should be faced," said Tebas, who lamented that these clubs should be "more supportive" with the other teams. "A Super League would be the end of the Spanish league as we know it, we would lose 1,000 million less revenue, it would be a disaster," he remarked.

Both Thebes and the rest of the presidents who have participated in the appearance have advocated continuing on the path of a reform of the top European competition, as approved by UEFA on Monday. "It has been negotiating until last Friday and the clubs that formed the Super League voted in favor of the reform of the Champions League," Tebas has defended.

Of the 12 teams that created the Super League, eight of them have disengaged (the English, Atlético and Inter), while Juventus and Milan have recognized that it is difficult for them to move forward. Despite this, both the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, and that of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, have defended the creation of this championship. The last to speak was the recently elected president of Barça, who has assured that it is a "totally necessary" championship. "We have a position of prudence. It is a necessity, but the last word in the end will have the partners ", has indicated.

Pérez has been the visible face of the championship, of which he was to have been the president. Despite the casualties, he assured this Wednesday that the Super League continues. It would be a shame if we did not take advantage of this format, "he said." We are going to continue working, "he said.


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