"It is not a time for bullies but for politicians who know how to measure up"

"To Mr. Echenique and to all the leaders of Podemos and of all the political formations that encourage hatred, confrontation and tension, I ask you to be responsible and understand that we are in an unprecedented situation in our country. It is not a question of throwing the dead at each other; it is a question of offering solutions, "he said when asked about this issue in a videoconference with journalists, after the Governing Council.

Aguado believes that it is time to "try to get out of this epidemic together" so he will not enter into "confrontation". In his opinion, "it is not a time for bullies, it is not a time for out of tone statements, but rather a time for politicians who know how to live up to and who are men and women of the state."

As he has indicated, he is in favor of "living up to the Spanish" and not "favoring the tension or confrontation that some seek." "If those are the forms of Echenique, there he, there also his voters. I will certainly try to continue in the speech and in a spirit of moderation," he said.


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