“It is no secret that COP26 is a failure”

Thousands of young people marched through the streets of Glasgow this Friday in the first mass protest against the COP26 climate summit organized by the environmental association Fridays For Future (FFF), ‘Friday for the Future’ in Spanish. Shouting “What do we want? Climate justice!”, The environmental movement advanced through the city led by indigenous young women. For her part, the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who intervened at the end of the demonstration, was clear at the beginning of her statement: “It is no secret that COP26 is a failure.”

The world will exceed in just 11 years the limit of CO2 emissions that marks an environmental catastrophe

The world will exceed in just 11 years the limit of CO2 emissions that marks an environmental catastrophe

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“Climate change is a war of the rich against the poor”, was another of the phrases that could be heard during protests critical of COP26 and the “passivity” of politicians. Young indigenous people have raised their voices in these protests: “We are here to denounce the genocidal policy of our Government. We defend our territories with our lives, our brothers, sisters and children are dying,” claimed one of the indigenous women from the Brazilian Amazon.

“How long will it take for politicians to wake up? But let’s be clear, they are already awake, they know exactly what they are doing, they know what a valuable price they are sacrificing to maintain their business,” Thunberg added in his speech. In their speeches, according to the Swedish activist, the leaders have given “beautiful speeches” at the climate summit, “the most exclusive”, according to the young woman, “a celebration of two weeks of business, as always, and simply blah blah. blah “. Precisely that “blah, blah, blah” was what was repeated not only in her speech, but also in the multiple posters, as a brief way of expressing the message that Greta shares in her plea, that the political leaders “are not doing nothing “against the climate crisis.

The activist’s words are in accordance with her warnings and criticisms delivered before the 2021 climate summit began: “For the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow to be a success, many things will be needed. But above all it will take honesty, solidarity. and courage “, expressed in a letter published in different media, where he sentenced: “The clock keeps ticking. Summits continue to be held. Emissions continue to grow.”

In addition to Thunberg, the young Ugandan environmental activist Vanessa Nakate has also taken the stage to say a few words, who has expressed her concern for her country, which has “one of the fastest climate changes in the world”: “People are dying, children are quitting school and farms are being destroyed, “Nakate warned.


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