"It is no longer the photo of Colón, PP and Vox want to form the Government of the Plaza de Colón"

Attracting the vote of Citizens who do not feel represented on the extreme right before the hecatomb of the party of Inés Arrimadas and warning of the real danger of the entry of Vox for the first time in a Government are the axes of the start of the PSOE campaign for the next May 4th. And this is how Pedro Sánchez summarized it in the presentation of the socialist candidacy: "It is no longer the photo of the Plaza de Colón, PP and Vox want to form the Government of the Plaza de Colón." The president has also taken the opportunity to mark distances with the one who is still his vice president, Pablo Iglesias, by suggesting that he will have to abandon "extremist positions" to avoid the blockade of a progressive government led by Ángel Gabilondo in reference to a hypothetical agreement with Ciudadanos that Unidos Podemos has always rejected at the level state.

Gabilondo launches for the vote of the center, rejects Iglesias and refuses to raise taxes in Madrid

Gabilondo launches for the vote of the center, denies Iglesias and refuses to raise taxes in Madrid

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"It is no longer the photo of the Plaza de Colón, PP and Vox want to form the Government of the Plaza de Colón," said Sánchez, who takes up the fear of the arrival of Vox to the government as a mobilizing instrument of the left. The president has warned that Pablo Casado's PP intends to culminate in the Madrid elections the "swerve to the extreme right amid the worst health and economic emergency and on the threshold of recovery and modernization" and that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is determined to "complete the extremist turn of the PP through its coalition with the extreme right."

"Right ultra and ultra right"

"We must avoid with our vote that Madrid falls into the hands of the extreme right, that the Community of Madrid jumps to the international news as the first region of Europe governed by the ultras," the president said about Ayuso's intention to govern thanks to Vox. The PP had already accepted the entry of the extreme right into the Region of Murcia after supporting Fernando López Miras who, together with three defectors from Ciudadanos, made the motion of censure fail. "Let's make our land regain public, institutional exemplarity. Let's free it from the other pandemic that is the reactionary extremism represented by the ultra-right and the ultra-right," Sánchez said at the ceremony held this Saturday at the Ferraz headquarters.

Gabilondo has also supported the idea that the extreme right can govern in the Community of Madrid. "It is not a fantasy, it is a threat and it is very real. Madrid does not deserve this, it deserves the opposite," said the PSOE candidate, who referred to the "Madrid of unity" in front of the "carnival of ravings "by Ayuso. "Madrid must not bend to the extreme right or other extremist ideologies that do nothing more than polarize," added number two, Hana Jalloul. We seek the centrality of consensus, but we are a left-wing party without complexes. "

Sánchez has vindicated the focused proposal that the PSOE is raising, which, as he has said, is the only one that is campaigning and has assured that it is this approach that Gabilondo is making that can "prevent this community from becoming hostage to the extreme right in a much more stark way than it has been in these two years by the current government. " Gabilondo has defended that we must "put an end to the indignity" that Ayuso has turned "anything, including health, into an absurd reason for confrontation." "Madrid cannot allow itself a perpetual confrontation, continuing to confront everything and everyone out of pure partisan interest," said Sánchez, who has questioned whether to campaign "based on shouts or grotesque slogans and dilemmas" in reference to "socialism. or freedom "that the Madrid president is flying.

The PSOE recalls that Madrid has the worst data and 0 aid to the hospitality industry

Aware of the pull that Ayuso will have among the hoteliers due to the lax restrictions in the region, the Socialists reiterate that their government is the one that has done the least for the sector. "The eight communities that have given the most direct aid to the hotel industry have been Socialists. The only one in Spain that has not allocated a single cent of a euro has been Madrid," Sánchez recalled. It is also the only region that does not give aid to workers in ERTE. "Enough of continuing to be the community that invests the least in education per student despite being the richest in Spain. Enough of continuing to deliver homes to investment funds. Enough of this frivolity, "added the candidate.

Like Gabilondo, who has lamented "the painful shame of being systematically leaders of the pandemic" with the president "most reluctant" to adopt the measures recommended by "science", the general secretary of the PSOE of Madrid, José Manuel Franco, has pointed out that it is the region with the worst data on coronavirus infections at a time when Spain is surpassing the third wave. "We are in an election at the worst moment - said Franco, who has referred to the" worst UCIS occupation data in all of Spain and with the highest accumulated incidence "-. But the one that puts party, personal, to the generals he has decided that there should be elections. " "We are not here for adventures calling an election at an absolutely incomprehensible moment. Nor are we here to play thrones. We present and represent a government of seriousness," added Pilar Llop, who is the president of the Senate and occupies the third place on the PSOE list.

Sánchez has also stated that the axes of the next government will have to revolve around three priorities: vaccination, recovery and social protection. Thus, he has insisted that the Socialists will not touch taxes in the region, in a clear attempt to gain control of the Ciudadanos electorate, despite the fact that the PSOE has pledged to combat the dumping tax that exists in the Community of Madrid with respect to other territories. "We have to set a horizon of fiscal stability that is in line with the brevity of the legislature but also with a context of recovery," said the president, who also resigned from the ambitious tax reform that appears in the coalition agreement for the conjuncture of the pandemic.

Sánchez asks to leave extremism to avoid the blockade after 4-M

He has also referred to post-election agreements. Although he has not done it with as roundly as Gabilondo did -which directly took United Podemos out of the equation and said that "with this Iglesias" he would not agree-, Sánchez has marked distances with his current vice president by proposing "a scenario of government agreements with other political forces based on the rejection of any kind of an extremist position that contributes to the blockade or polarization. " The candidate defended a pact with Más Madrid and Ciudadanos. "Whoever wants to be in a progressive government led by the PSOE must renounce extremism," said Sánchez, who has not cited Iglesias. The United We Can candidate, for his part, has asked this Saturday to reissue a progressive coalition government in Madrid to end the "corrupt right wing.".

"There will be those who demand a certain absolute leftist purity, there will be parties that demand it - he has anticipated - but I do not fancy that there is a more progressive program or more courageous action than to prevent Madrid from falling into the hands of the right and far right coalition ". "All progressives must be mobilized!" Sánchez exclaimed amid applause from the attendees in Ferraz, among whom were the first ten members of the list, as well as the Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, the Minister of Industry , Reyes Maroto.


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