September 22, 2020

It is necessary to “clean” beaches to adapt them to the climatic emergency

The vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, has assured in the Senate Plenary that it is necessary to “clean the beaches”, adapt them and fix them with a view to the scenarios of the climatic emergency and the phenomena that will come in a future.

Ribera has answered a question from the Senator of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Francisco Martín Bernabé Pérez, about the date set by the Government for the start of the restoration work on the razed beaches and areas affected by the Gloria storm with a view to tourist influx Easter

Ribera has remembered the victims of the Gloria storm and has ensured that the Government works with the Insurance Consortium to expedite funds for these repairs.

It has also launched a “special presentation invitation” to discuss the necessary actions that must be carried out on the coast to mitigate the damage of the meteorological phenomena that have occurred and those that may occur.

The minister has explained that the Gloria storm has been the seventh of this season, and in some places “it has already acted twice or three times for the restoration of beaches and infrastructure.”

“We need to clean the beaches, fix them, prepare them so that the coast is” completely compatible with the coming climatic scenarios “, which will be more frequent and intense, according to the minister.

Ribera has explained that “extraordinary actions are being considered in some autonomous communities” because, effectively, “the maintenance of the coast is a state competence” in the hydraulic domain and the coasts.

He has assured that the Government works jointly with the Government Delegations, the regional and local governments for the identification and quantification of damages, in order to restore the beaches and leave them fully operational for Easter.

Ribera has said that the province of Castellón has been the most shaken by the stormy Gloria, with snowfall in the interior and strong waves on the coast, however many existing infrastructure on the coast have “complicated” urgent actions.

Martín Bernabé said that he hopes that “the intentions become acts”, and has ensured that there have been damages on the coast caused by the storm Gloria reach 16 million euros, with the regression of the beaches.

But it is not the only town, according to the popular senator, and the mayors of many cities “are worried about the proximity of Holy Week and the expected influx of tourists.”


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