“It is hard for us to earn to live but we are honest”

Promotional image of the progressive and psychedelic pop band Los Estanques. / C7

Íñigo Bregel leads Los Estanques, a band that plays on Saturday at the Mojo Music Festival that kicks off this Friday in the capital of Gran Canaria

In a country where the focus is mainly on products like Rosalía or Chanel, betting on progressive and psychedelic pop like the group does
Los Estanques is a daring bet which has its consequences. It implies that honesty prevails over economic income.

«We have returned to the stage with great enthusiasm, especially after these last two years with so little work due to the pandemic. We know that we are a band that moves by illusion, even more so in these times when another type of music prevails.
We have a hard time earning to live. From the band we know that we do not live. We all give music classes or live by producing other artists or bands," he says.
Inigo Bregel, singer and composer of this quartet that performs on Saturday at the
Mojo Music Festival in the capital of Gran Canaria.

“We live based on illusion.
We eat of the illusion.... but this is what we get to do. In musical art and in other arts, the important thing is to be honest and do what comes from within. The best thing is to follow the flame that comes from within", the member of this formation defends by telephone together with
Daniel Pozo (bass), Andrea Conti (drums) and Germán Herrero (guitar).


The psychedelic and progressive pop-rock of the 70s is an obvious influence on Los Estanques. But it is not the only one. “We really like that music, of course. But also the
classical music, soul and other more modern. Both when listening and when composing”, recognizes the singer who signs most of the band's lyrics.

"Yes, usually
I am the one in charge of composing the lyrics. The group has taken that course, but it is true that the others also tend to contribute things. Sometimes songs and other lyrics or melodies. Something always falls », he points out between laughs.

Both in 'IV', their latest album, and in their previous ones, the group Los Estanques has been characterized by offering some
fun dance songs and with some lyrics that, sometimes in a more obvious way and in others more veiled, also have
deep reflections about the reality around them.

"You must never lose
mocking and funny tone. You can never forget that music is a language. The lyrics and lyrics complement each other very well. That conjunction is very cool.
We are musicians, not activistsbut we do try to do our bit to open minds, "says Bregel.

The recent single titled
'I'm Spanish but I have a kebab' it fits like a glove to that conjunction between fun, sarcasm and criticism.

retrograde ideas

"Looks are deceiving. You have to open minds. Now that everything is so globalized, it is incredible that there are thoughts of people from three centuries ago. That homophobic thoughts appear is something incredible in these times. n, at least us, with people with those retrograde ideas", assures this band whose tour will give one of its last blows at the Mojo Music Festival before starting to tour from June together with the singer Anni B. Sweet, with whom he has recorded an album that "will be out in two weeks," advances Iñigo Bregel.

From Friday to Sunday

The Mojo Music Festival starts tomorrow in the Parque Litoral del Rincón with the concerts, in this order and between 7:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m., of:
Fuckin' 4 Factory, D'Local Groove, Francisco el Hombre, Queralt Lahoz, Las Ratas and Operä Party (Umami and CrKS290).

The singer Queralt Lahoz. /


On Saturday, at the same time, it will be the turn in this order:
Rakune mode, Alberto&García, Rupatrupa, Los Estanques, Serial Killerz and Mr Paradise.

On Sunday the curtain falls, between 11:00 and 20:00, with:
Dj's, Machango, Piedraviva, Dj's Mojo Stars, TBC, Los Vinagres and La Nueva Tralla Canalla.

There is
bond for the three days and the organization has planned a series of
parallel activities and a flea market.

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