“It is evident a certain stink of homophobia”

Vox has returned to lead the debate for the co-officiality of the Asturian to the billboards of the Principality. “The ‘adrianes’ want to put the llingua in you.” That is the message that appears in the latest campaign launched by the far-right formation, led by Ignacio Blanco in the region. In the midst of the negotiations for the reform of the Statute of Autonomy, Vox Asturias continues with its particular strategy against the officiality by placing large posters around the region where, once again, the Forum spokesperson, Adrián Pumares, appears, this time kissing with the president of the Principality, the socialist Adrián Barbón. The motto: “Co-officiality No.”

The Asturian and his official status: the pandemic leaves a latent debate in the background

The Asturian and his official status: the pandemic leaves a latent debate in the background

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This is the second episode of a plan launched by Vox Asturias a little over a month ago to try to blow up as much as possible an agreement between parliamentary formations to place Asturian as the official language of the region alongside Spanish. And in the spotlight is once again the figure of the forista Adrián Pumares.

“It is regrettable that public money is spent in pointing out politicians,” says the FAC spokesman upon learning of this new Vox strategy. In the first, the general secretary of Foro appeared alone with his mouth covered with a cross and the message: “The liberals want to impose on a million Asturians a language that is not their own.”

In this case, “a certain stink of homophobia is also evident,” adds Pumares to this new attempt to harass his figure by Vox, where he now also joins the president of the Principality as a leading actor. The leader of the far-right party, Ignacio Blanco, defends “doing everything” in his hands “within the law” to “prevent this invented language from being imposed on Asturians.” For Blanco, this is an “American” campaign strategy where the aim is to “inform the population of Asturias about what is happening in parliament.” “This is the most important political decision of the entire democracy in Asturias,” says the Vox spokesperson at the General Meeting on the reform of the Statute and the inclusion of Asturian as an official language.

The first Vox maneuver has already been highly criticized by all the Asturian Parliament formations and this is also on the way. In social networks the conflict has already exploded.

“Thanks to the campaign against the ‘Adrianes’, thousands of boys and girls in Asturias are going to ‘discover’ that two men can use llingua, something they wanted to censor in schools by implanting a parental pin”. Through this tweet, published by Daniel Rodríguez, Adrián Pumares wanted to show his position on the matter, disfiguring the formation of the extreme right-wing a homophobic attitude with this type of political discourse.

The reason for the harassment of Pumares

Why the harassment of the Forum spokesperson? Vox’s insistence on trying to demonize Pumares, and now also Barbón, is due to the fact that the forum’s vote is key for the approval of the reform of the Statute of Autonomy where the main course is the inclusion of Asturian and Galician-Asturian as official languages ​​along with Spanish.

For its approval, a reinforced majority is required in the General Board, before being ratified in Congress and the Senate. This majority in Asturias represents three-fifths of the Chamber. A total of 27 deputies. In favor are the parties of the left, PSOE, Podemos and Izquierda Unida, which have 26 deputies; and against it, the parties of the right and center right.

Foro Asturias, immersed for more than a year in an internal confrontation between the supporters of its current leader, Carmen Moriyón, and its founder, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, has two seats on the Board. The casquista and wayward deputy, Pedro Leal, has declared himself against it, so Pumares would be in charge of tipping the balance. The general secretary of Foro has already expressed his intention to facilitate the reform, but with conditions. The main one is the elimination in practice of the inheritance tax, an unacceptable requirement for the forces of the left, which has stalled the process.

“Why are they afraid that the positions we maintain here will be transferred to the streets?” Ignacio Blanco expressed in October in his speech at the Board on Vox’s first campaign “against Pumares”. Despite the criticism, the formation decided not only to keep the posters, but to put up new ones that were even more controversial. “All of us here have decided to make politics our profession,” Blanco commented.

On the billboards, located in different strategic locations in the region, you can see the assembly where the regional spokesmen of the PSOE and Foro Asturias appear kissing. This image is reminiscent of that of the communist leaders Leonidas Breznev and Eric Honecker, which took place in 1979 during the visit of the President of the Soviet Union to his counterpart from the German Democratic Republic in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the GDR. Brezhnev and Honecker’s kiss was a symbol of the socialist alliance. That of Pumares and Barbón is, for Vox, that of the co-officiality agreement.


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