Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

It is becoming easier to set up a company in Spain

It is becoming easier to set up a company in Spain

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In our country it is still necessary to do a lot of paperwork when setting up a company, although it has improved a lot in recent years. If in 2003 a period of 138 days was counted to open a business, now only 12.5 days are needed on average, according to World Bank data. This year, however, Spain has dropped two positions, to the thirtieth position, in the classification of the economies with greater facility to do business. The "Doing Business 2019" report of the World Bank analyzes a total of ten parameters, such as the amount of paperwork that is necessary to open a company, how investors are protected, taxes or the bureaucracy required to register a property.

In this year's edition, the Spanish economy has obtained an improvement in almost all points, but it has fallen in the classification because other countries have carried out more reform and improvements. Our country retains its positions in the categories of start a business (86th versus 133rd of 2012), payment of taxes (34º), cross-border commerce (1º) and resolution of insolvencies (19th). Despite this, there have been decreases in the categories of obtaining electricity (48º), property registration (58º), investor protection (30º) and obtaining credit (73º). Likewise, it registered an improvement of three positions, up to position 23, in the parameter of compliance with contracts, after registering a slight increase in the quality of judicial proceedings. However, the biggest improvement has been in the obtaining of building permits, where Spain has gone from occupying the position 123 to 78. This increase is due to the fact that two procedures are necessary and up to 61 days less to obtain a construction permit. .

Globally, New Zealand has again topped the standings, followed by Singapore and Denmark, which hold the second and third places, respectively, compared to last year.

Necessary procedures

The constituent process of the new entity begins with the reservation of the name in the Commercial Registry, the application of the provisional NIF, the deed of constitution before a notary and the liquidation of the tax, as they remember in the page of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain. One of the first mandatory documents that must be requested is the negative certification of the name, a certificate proving that there is no other company with the same name as the one that is to be constituted. From Legálitas also remember the obligation to make the entry into a bank of the initial amount of social capital.

Next, it is necessary to go through the delegation of the Tax Agency for the declaration of beginning of activity and obtain the tax identification number. The next step is to register with Social Security with the corresponding contribution account code in case employees are hired.

Nowadays it is also possible to open a business telematically through the CIRCE portal under the Ministry of Industry. The entrepreneur must complete the Single Electronic Document (DUE) and can answer questions both online and in situ. the point of attention to the entrepreneur (PAE) closest to your home. Also, the Ministry of Industry makes available to citizens an updated aid guide in which information is offered on all the incentives that exist in the communities to encourage the creation of new companies.


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