“It is almost impossible to get out of the system, when you move away from being politically correct they will come after you”

Brisa Fenoy is not afraid to express her ideas, however controversial they may become. He does it through his social networks, in interviews and, of course, through his work. He just released a new song that is titled Fake and it is accompanied by a video clip recorded by Apátrida Producciones in the Wakana nature reserve, in Cádiz, the current residence of the artist. He has had the collaboration of Vinila Von Bismark and in his letter he denounces the misinformation in which society lives and advocates a collective awakening.

She likes to talk and expands on the answers she gives elDiario.es by phone from the countryside of Cádiz, accompanied by her dog. The artist who revolutionized Operación Triunfo in 2018 with her song The bad He is now in a process of self-discovery as he works to finish his first album, scheduled for February 2021. It will be titled Love or power, like the book that he published in September 2019 with the publishing house Temas de Hoy, a compilation of manifestos in which he explains the reason for his music.

His last song Fake, talks about fake news and misinformation Is it a criticism of the media? Who gains from that misinformation?

In the end it is not only a criticism of the media, it also points out the way in which large companies, governments and all those who “manage” the world in which we live inform us. That is why in the video I appear dressed as a presenter.

It is an analogy of society. You also see a tribe that I want to leave because their rules, laws and rites do not go with me and I want to go for free. So I run away but they come to catch me running. In the end it is that, that none of us can go for free, we all belong to a society in which everything is a fake.

I think it is almost impossible to get out of the system, but I think you can uncheck yourself a bit. But when you get out of the political correctness they go after you. To censor you, to silence you. Many artists and many people have even been killed. I have realized that we are in a Matrix, in a reality that is managed by them, under their control and that we cannot leave. It is a fake world.

Talk about censorship. In what way have you felt censored?

I have been censored at many times throughout my life. The next single, due out on November 13, is called Pretty. And the chorus says “if I were pretty and quiet in the end, everything would be much better for me.” If they don’t censor you, they call you crazy, racist, whatever, because they’ve called me everything. When you start to be you, to have critical thinking and you start pointing out things, a lot of people or sensational media, they start labeling you. From ‘conspiracy’, ‘denialist’, ‘extreme right’, ‘racist’, ‘extreme left’. It does not like that each one has its truth.

Obviously I cannot be 100% congruent with everything I think and what I do because in the end the system is what it is. But I try and every day I do a little more, building my reality according to my values, my way of thinking and feeling.

He has said several words that attract attention. For example, denialist and conspiratorial. Does it have to do with the issue of COVID-19? In his song Fear factories He talks about confinement with phrases like “your house is your new jail.”

What I see is that in the history of humanity crises have been created to offer us their solutions. But most of the time the problems are organized. 1% of the population owns most of the planet’s resources and they direct us. This elite controls the big multinationals, the big companies. Politicians are after. And in the end it seems that they are the same: on the right, on the left, it doesn’t matter. In the world we live in, everything is organized on the basis of power.

He has also said another word: racist. It is surprising because you have quite committed lyrics like the one in Jericho and collaborates with the Manteros Union.

Yes, always in favor of equality. Of that love above power. Ultimately this was a move from when the lockdown over Black Lives Matter. It seemed very curious to me how suddenly the generalist and sensationalist media took notice of the issue when there is racism, massacres and murders every day in our country and of course in the Strait of Gibraltar, where I live, where people die daily. There is less and less talk about refugees. My boy is from Ecuador, and I have been to Latin America a lot and there is also a great exodus of people who go to the United States and die along the way. The guys from the Manteros Union almost once a week have a problem.

When everyone uploaded their little black photo to Instagram to support Black Lives Matter, it seemed very hypocritical to me. And that day I published a reflection on all this that I am telling you and they called me a racist for not putting the photo. But sometimes we don’t even know what we are defending. That is the same as an eco-capitalist movement that simply wants to distract for moves of elections, of consumption, to benefit some companies and not others. In the end, behind everything we consume daily there is almost always something fake behind it.

And how did you come to collaborate with the Manteros Union?

I attended an event that they did with Playground in Barcelona and they told about their project and the needs they had. So I supported them by being an ambassador for their Top Manta brand and always giving it a lot of visibility. I also commissioned my entire collection of T-shirts from Love or power and of Jericho.

In your last song Fake, collaborates with Vinila Von Bismark At what moment do you meet and the idea comes up?

We followed each other through networks. And everything that came up to me I loved and admired her a lot because she doesn’t try to please anyone. He talks about his music and his things. In fact, he has another profile on Instagram in addition to the personal one called @elcorazondelawitch, in which he says things about astrology or numerology, which I find very interesting. And in confinement he began to speak openly that everything seemed a fake to him, of pages that he had found, of everything that is happening worldwide, of the collective awakening, that the earth that is rising to the fifth dimension, of all You uncover Hollywood, all this from the elite.

And it seemed very brave to me because I commented something and they put me to broth, but she doesn’t care. I did Fake during confinement and told him he had to do the featuring with me in that song. This summer we recorded it here in Wakana and we really enjoyed it. She and Mari de Chambao are one of the few friends that I could have in music.

Now he works as a freelancer, but was at Universal, a multinational record company. How was the experience?

It is a great company and it went very well, the thing is that the way I work and in which I conceive my music and my way of living is very different from what Universal offered me. Eight months would go by to get a song out, they didn’t give me anything financially to support the songs, I really put it all on myself. And if I wanted to get something out on my own or they wouldn’t let me or if they let me they wouldn’t support me financially either.

In the end, record companies are very good for artists who make music more to disconnect and the claim does not interest them because they do not sell. They are used as a large multinational to recover money quickly and whoever enters me faster they support more, it is like a career. So I became independent and at least I have the satisfaction of being able to feel free, more satisfied and talk about what I feel and what I want.

I have changed a lot since then and the truth is that the confinement, a part of me, has appreciated it. Because I used to not stop working. I was there all day with concerts, productions, events, trips, brands … and in confinement I was able to stop and since then I have made a very strong process, in which I continue and I will continue all my life because this is a non-stop until we die . Now I feel able to say ‘no’ to lake if I don’t want to. Because before I felt that I had to be in everything and I thought that if I did not go to such an event or collect such an award, it would not look good. So I have begun to remove beliefs, fears, burdens. And now I have come to the field and if there is something that I feel like or that it is good, then I will do it and if not, no.

Your song The bad It came out just when the feminist movement became strong in 2018, with that 8M demonstration in which some banners carried its letters. And it has more themes with feminist lyrics like Holy ovaries. For you, has the situation of women in our society improved or worsened?

I think it has improved. But now feminism is in fashion and all brands are on the wave, all artists get on. And there is also a lot of confusion between feminism and hypersexualization. I do not consider myself only a feminist but I consider myself a humanist, in the sense that the goal is the equality of all things: people, animals, plants, the planet. Mutual respect based on love. But the world is totally contrary to that: competitiveness is power, fear and ego.

Women are very sexualized and, in fact, we ourselves do it too. But I don’t know to what extent that is what I thought this whole movement was going to be, to what extent it has dispersed, it has gone the other way. Now it seems that the woman is like that because she wants it, she moves her ass because she wants it. I don’t know if that’s what we’re going for or not, but I don’t see it that way. I try not to fall into that hypersexualization too much.

With all these ideas, where is your work going now?

On November 13 I release the new song called Pretty, which I commented before. I am preparing the album of Love or power, which will be released in February 2021. It will compile songs that have already been released and some new ones. You will have an audiovisual narrative that will be hosted on a platform maybe like Filmin or something like that and if not directly on YouTube.

This first album is the one that makes me introduce myself and explain why I want to move more in love and not in power. In Fake or Pretty I make fun of that power and caricature it to say that we have to direct ourselves towards a change that is in oneself so that later it can be collective.


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