"It is a strategy of harassment and demolition"

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has come to the step of the information in recent weeks about her personal life and her relationship with the former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias. "When the sewer lies about your partner even when he has already left politics, when he intentionally spreads hoaxes, when they harass you in court, when they persecute you at home, on your vacations, your children, your family worries. Your friends and girlfriends they care, "he says in a message on Instagram. "Everything is part of the same strategy, systematic, constant, by land, sea and air, a strategy of harassment and demolition that began a long time ago," he says.

Irene Montero raises her head in the Council of Ministers a year and a half after arriving at the Government

Irene Montero raises her head in the Council of Ministers a year and a half after arriving at the Government

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Montero maintains in his message that the objective of these "hoaxes" is to obscure the action of the United We can government, in general, and his, in particular. "They get many people to speak before your life that of the Trans and LGTBI Law, or of lthe law of only yes is yes, or the next reform of the abortion law"In fact, the first two, approved after a very tough internal struggle within the Government, have allowed the Minister of Equality to raise her head after a year and a half battling in the Council of Ministers.

Although he does not expressly deny any specific information ("I have been asked many times to confirm or deny news that has to do with my life, but neither before nor now am I going to do it"), he does speak repeatedly during the message of "lies" and "hoaxes". And he points out both those who spread them and those who prefer not to get involved: "I detest the sewer that lies so much and with so much impudence, I detest those who protect them and also those who do not stand up to them thinking that the thing is not going with them. I detest those who do not know how to do politics and seek to destroy the adversary with foul play. "

"They want us not to fight and do what we do. Not us or the people we love and love us. And warn everyone: don't get involved in politics, because if you do it well, this is what awaits you ", continues the postTo conclude: "Luckily we have so much feminism among us. We have each other. We take care of ourselves and protect ourselves and laugh and we beat them more and more times."


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