March 7, 2021

"It is a satisfaction that Sanchez comes to know a model that has always prioritized the 'what'"

Mata has stressed that Sanchez has decided to start with the Valencian Community the new process of contacts to form government as a "gesture that shows that the Community is an example of good governance and management from diversity," he said in a statement.

The socialist leader has assured that the Botànic and the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, "have shown how an autonomous community can be managed with plural views, with different points of view but from the loyalty of a single Government."

In fact, he stressed that "the Valencian Community between 2015 and 2019 have had very important social advances, all economic indicators are better than when it was right and, in addition, they are above the national average."


For Manolo Mata, "the great defeat of the Valencians was the defeat of the 2019 budget." In them, "the debt of La Marina was forgiven, contemplated greater financing through VAT assignments, we had a guaranteed future for the agency and, for the first time, the weight of the Community was recognized by providing an investment in line with our weight population, "he said.

Mata has warned that you can not "consent to repeat that defeat", because the Community "needs that Spain of diversity, plurality and welfare have a solid progressive vision and vision of the future."

"The 'president' Ximo Puig and the Botànic forces have a commitment of loyalty to progressive Spain," he said, before stressing: "The more we need that progressive Spain, the more willing we are to collaborate in its configuration." "The only challenge now must be to articulate a progressive Spain with a progressive government," he concluded.

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