"It is a good agreement for Spain"

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has asked the Popular Party to abandon, "for once in the entire legislature, its destructive position" and to vote yes in Congress for a labor reform that has the support of social agents and that the chief executive has described as "a good agreement for Spain".

Casado balances to reject the labor reform defended by the CEOE

Casado balances to reject the labor reform defended by the CEOE

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During the act of presentation of the candidacy of Luis Tudanca to the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León in Palencia, Sánchez has addressed the opposition stating that "impose a labor reform against the social agents (by Mariano Rajoy , which did not count on the unions) was a mistake and opposing a labor reform agreed with the social agents is a double mistake ". "That they vote yes to the labor reform of workers and employers, that they leave the destructive opposition and think about their country," he insisted.

Along the same lines, Sánchez has stated that "the labor reform is probably one of the most important reforms of any government" and has considered that the one that the Executive hopes to approve is "a good labor reform." "It is," he said, "because it tackles the two main problems we have in our country in the labor market." On the one hand, Sánchez has referred to precariousness: "A third of the labor relations in our country are contracts of less than five days. Greater precariousness is impossible to suffer in our country."

On the other hand, the Prime Minister considers that the new norm "will give a firm response to a much higher structural unemployment, especially among young people, who we have compared to other countries" and also among "women, that suffer, unfortunately, a lower activity rate than that suffered by men ".

Along the same lines, and highlighting the agreement between the government, employers and unions, Sánchez has downplayed the criticism that the coalition parties have had to renounce any of their claims and has acknowledged that it is "evident "that all parties have had to give in. "That is why it is an agreement, because to reach agreements we have to give in," he defended.

"You haven't picked up the phone"

Although the PP spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra, admitted this week that the reform is "less bad than expected", the party has already announced that it will vote against. This same Saturday, in another act in Salamanca in which Casado participated electronically, the opposition leader accused Sánchez of doing "whatever he wants": "He repeals what the opposition does and then accuses the opposition of not supporting what he does. He has not picked up the phone, neither Sánchez nor the ministers who are fighting for the authorship of the labor reform, "he said.

Casado has considered that the labor reform presented by the Executive "has remained half" and has asked himself: "Because they only repeal 10% of our reform, do we have to support it?".

For its part, the Government continues to monitor the position of the investiture partners. While the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, stated a week ago that "Whoever makes the reform fail will have to explain it to the workers", this Friday the deputy of EH Bildu in Congress, Oskar Matute, recalled that "the Government cannot forget that it has 155 seats and needs 176 votes", so it is waiting for them to contact them "to seriously approach a negotiation and a real exchange of opinions" and not that "they simply join us to comply with the file."


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