June 24, 2021

It is a contradiction that independentists do not listen to the king today

The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, has affirmed that the independentist political groups with a presence in the Chamber incur a “contradiction” when they leave the chamber during the solemn opening session of the legislature, which is held on Monday chaired by the king.

Batet, in an interview on TVE, referred to the absence of ERC, JxCat, CUP, EH Bildu and BNG of that session, which marks the beginning of legislative activity in the General Courts after forming a Government in January.

It is expected that these parties will appear at 11 am before the media to read the manifesto whose wording they have agreed to in order to list the reasons why they have decided not to attend the solemn opening. The conveners have advanced that they will not accept questions from the press.

The president of Congress has stressed that “it is part of the freedom” of each group to resolve whether or not they are present at the session, but also of their “contradictions.”

According to his words, when presenting himself to the elections and aspiring to have parliamentary representation, “one would expect that they respect all State institutions.” And the act of this Monday, he has apostilled, is “a show of respect” to the king and to “accept the rules of the game.”

In short, not attending the solemn opening is, in his opinion, “a contradiction” that the groups themselves “will have to explain.”

He also said that “political plurality”, which exemplifies the variety of political parties and formations with a seat, “is here to stay.”

Batet has also called for parliamentary groups to agree on the renewal of bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary or RTVE. “These are challenges that Spain needs,” he said.


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