May 17, 2021

“It has worked and you don’t have to change it”

This was stated during a rally at the Xardín Botánico-Artístico de Padrón (A Coruña), in support of the President of the Xunta and candidate of the Galician PP for re-election in the elections on July 12, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

In this act before hundreds of militants and supporters, in which the mayor, Antonio Fernández Angueira, and the party’s provincial president, Diego Calvo, also took the opportunity to issue a small warning in the key of state policy.

Given the scenario after the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajoy has claimed that the 2012 labor reform “has worked”, so he has appealed to “be very careful” with the legal changes “in the coming months”: ” Because we are going to play a lot. “

The former Prime Minister has admitted that “a difficult time is coming,” and has suggested that “if things are done well, the situation left by the coronavirus can be overcome.”

Not in vain, he recalled the data of affiliation to Social Security and unemployment for the month of June released this Thursday –847,197 more unemployed than a year ago – and said that these are figures “that should make people think” when current Executive of Pedro Sánchez to “act quickly”.

“Here it is not worth doing demagoguery now. You have to control very well what the money is spent on. You have to be careful with what laws you are trying to reform. “, it has made ugly, to then suggest that” what is not changed is what does not work “.

“Recent history shows that when the PP governs the economy, it goes better, and when the economy goes better, there are more companies, and when there are more companies to support, there are more people working, and when there are more people working, people He is happier, the State collects more and therefore more money can be dedicated to improving public services, “said Rajoy.


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