July 24, 2021

«It generates rejection and aversion for what it represents»

«It generates rejection and aversion for what it represents»

The exbarcelonista Oleguer Presas assures that in football "always" has tried "to be committed and to give 100%", but admitsor feel "this commitment" for a selection (like the Spanish one) that does not represent "in any way" and that generates "rejection and aversion for what it represents".

This has been expressed in an interview published by the magazine 'Panenka', which also states that he would never have played that game between Barcelona and UD Las Palmas which was held behind closed doors on October 1 of last year.

Oleguer says that in his time as a Barça player, some chose him as an icon for what he said and others hated him. "I've always been quite aware of all this, just as in the world of football it was much more spontaneous, without considering things, at a political level I have always been much more thoughtful, thinking what was needed and what I wanted," he insists.

And remember the episode in which Luis Aragonés thought about him for the Spanish team and instead of negotiating silently his refusal, he decided that this question was known by the general public.

"If I wanted it to be known, yes, it was a way of claiming me as a player, and on the other hand, of showing that sense that is attributed to the national team's business"he added.

Oleguer Presas defines his conversation with Luis as "very frank, very honest and very calm" and recalls that within his argument there is "a point of rejection of the national exaltation that represents the selection of Spain."

"There I can not feel comfortable, but at the same time, it's not that I say I can not feel comfortable, it's that I'm not interested in. I have not followed either the Euro Cups or the World Cups … I have not seen them," he assured.

"It does not make much sense, and that's how we discussed it with the coach. I have always tried to be committed in football and give 100%, and I did not feel with this commitment for a national team that does not represent me in any way. On the contrary, it generates rejection and aversion for what it represents, "he said.

Oleguer says that Luis Aragonés understood the reasons given and admits that a disqualification could have been played. The ex-footballer wonders aloud: "Do you think that the Spanish Federation would be interested in disabling a Barça player for not wanting to play for the National Team? Now we do not know what would have happened"he insisted.

Regarding the decision to play that game Barça-Las Palmas on October 1 with all the episodes that were lived in Catalonia, Oleguer is clear that if he had been in the Catalan squad, he would not have played that game.

"I think that if you look at what happened on October 1, that there was a brutal repression of a state towards a population that simply wanted to vote in a referendum, something that seems absolutely excessive and out of place … Yes it is true that the fact of playing behind closed doors shows this rejection or this abnormal situation, "he added.

"Sometimes you do expect a club that aspires to spread these democratic values, and these values ​​of 'More than a club', not only at the country level, but a model of a democratic and just society, I do not know what the conversations, but if the threat was to lose six points or three points … ", he said.

Oleguer Presas has the feeling that Barça, as an institution and as a club "would have made a much clearer sample of what model of society defends"If I had not played that game.


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