June 18, 2021

“It cannot be that it seems that the Government is the only one that wants to save lives”

“It cannot be that it seems that the Government is the only one that wants to save lives, jobs … we all have to help,” Calviño said in an interview in ‘TVE Breakfasts,’ collected by Europa Press, in which he has assured that the Executive should “be counting on the support of the other parties” to “address” the coronavirus crisis “in the best possible way.”

Thus, the vice president has insisted that the Government needs the “competition of social agents, citizens and” political parties to “get better” out of a “formidable challenge and challenge.” “I want there to be a change in tone. Today I will also participate in the reconstruction commission,” he recalled.

In this context, Calviño has denounced that the Executive has been “two years” in which an “environment persists especially in political circles of harassment of the Government”. “We are governing in a quite exceptional situation that I do not see in any neighboring country and that is surprising,” he lamented.


For the head of the Spanish Economy, “it is sad” that at a delicate moment for Spain the opposition does not join forces with the Government. “What we have lived through these years is not what we have lived through these weeks,” she said, later showing confidence that, with everything, you can still “see responsible behavior.”

Asked about the controversy over the pact between the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and EH Bildu for the repeal of the labor reform, Calviño has made it clear that the Executive is focused on “facing the health emergency” and on “recovering economic activity and employment creation”.

“I think that in recent days there has been a lot of talk extensively and intensively,” he said, making a call to “build the future” in the direction indicated by the “investment and reform plan” of the European Union.

Along these lines, Calviño has defended the coalition government’s program, a “balanced plan that contains all the elements to achieve more inclusive growth.” “Now we are focused on dealing with the pandemic. That we are focused on this does not mean that, together with the social partners, we continue working to improve labor regulations,” he said.


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