It arrives 'During the storm', the new 'thriller' of Oriol Paulo | Culture

Oriol Paulo is the director of The body Y Setback. Two thrillers with good distribution and good career in the Spanish box office. So far it sounds familiar. The curious thing about Paulo is that Setback It became a phenomenon in China, where it was first seen by a million viewers in illegal downloads and later it opened in 7,000 screens and raised 30 million dollars. So there are many eyes on what comes during the storm, his new film, which has continued rolling in Spanish, despite the possible temptation to do so in English. And without Chinese characters, as they do Hollywood blockbusters to hook that audience.

After the storm follows the misadventures of a nurse, played by Adriana Ugarte, who after connecting on an old television during a giant thunderstorm with a child in 1989, discovers that her whole life has been erased at a stroke. Neither husband (Álvaro Morte, the professor of The paper house), nor daughter ... Only one possibility remains: to solve a murder committed by one of his neighbors (Javier Gutiérrez) in the past. Along with them, Chino Darín as present policeman, Ana Wagener, Belen Rueda, Clara Segura and Nora Navas. During the storm it opens on November 30 and here we have your trailer.


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