"It all starts with movement"

Drafting Culture, Apr 29 (EFE) .- "Everything begins with the movement." With this phrase, the German dancer Friedemann Vogel begins the message of the International Dance Day 2021, which is celebrated this Thursday, with an eye on the recovery of face-to-face shows.

While that moment arrives, the main celebration of this day will be, like last year, "online", in an event in which members of the International Theater Institute (ITI), from China, Colombia, will participate with their choreographies. Cuba, Argentina, France, Korea, Spain or the United States.

There will also be a series of special projects by dancers and choreographers such as the Spanish Tamara Rojo, the British Russell Maliphant, the Lebanese Georgette Gebara or the Cuban Marianela Boán.

Vogel will read a message that stresses the importance of dance as a "refined movement to communicate."

"As much as the technique is impeccable, important and impressive, ultimately, what the dancer expresses with movement is the essence. As dancers, we are in constant movement, aspiring to create these unforgettable moments," he says.

And he refers to the current situation: "That is why when suddenly, we are no longer allowed to dance, with theaters and stages closed and festivals canceled, our world comes to a standstill. No physical contact. No more shows. No audience. Never. in recent history the dance community has been challenged so collectively to stay motivated, to find our reason for being. "

But it is precisely at that moment, Vogel reflects, when what dance means to society is valued and when it is shown "how vital" what they do is.

Together with Vogel, the president of the ITT International Dance Committee, Alberto García Castaño, and the Slovenian dancer Henrik Neubauer, who was in charge of launching the first message of the International Dance Day in 1982, will take part in the act.

A day that took place on April 29, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), considered the created of modern dance.


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