Israeli retaliatory bombardment of Gaza amid coronavirus crisis

The Israeli Army bombed in response to a rocket fire today positions of the Islamist movement, Hamas, which controls the blocked Gaza Strip, after the first altercation with the Palestinian enclave in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Israeli aviation and tanks reached underground infrastructure and Hamas military locations in the north of the strip, the Israeli Army reported, and sources at the enclave confirmed to Efe, who heard loud explosions.

The bombings came after unknown militants launched a projectile at Israel, which did not cause injuries.

The Israeli Army reported the activation of anti-aircraft sirens in the towns adjacent to Gaza, a sequence that is repeated during the spikes in tension between Israel and the enclave's armed groups.

However, since the coronavirus crisis, clashes between Israel and Gaza militias have decreased relatively, just as events in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem have decreased, although daily friction continues.

In the strip, one of the most densely populated territories in the world with a poor health system, 9 of the 82 Palestinian cases of coronavirus have been registered, most in the West Bank with the only death so far.

In Israel, more than 3,000 people have tested positive and 11 have died with COVID-19 so far.

International and local organizations fear that an expansion of COVID-19 in Gaza will generate a humanitarian emergency, since the enclave, after more than a decade of restrictions on the entry of basic material, only has 60 intensive care beds and between 50 and 60 artificial respirators.


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